At each weekly meeting, gift cards usable at King Soopers or Safeway are available for sale to members. These are available in values of $10.00, and are reloadable up to $500.00 with your rewards credit card or cash. The member uses the card like a debit card for groceries and gasoline at dozens of stores associated with King Soopers (Kroger stores) or Safeway. The members gets full value for the card, but the club receives a rebate from the company, thereby earning 3% - 5% of the monthly reloaded amounts as a fund raiser for Monaco South. King Soopers and Safeway have some of the best discounted gasoline around, and everyone buys groceries each week, so it's a win-win proposition for the club and the members. Using these reloadable cards gives you a double win if you use your rewards credit card!!
When: Weekly meeting
Where: Meeting Hall
Who: Cy Regan