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EDITORS NOTE: Attached to the end of this newsletter is a new mentoring program written by Craig Eley. Please read through this important document and consider becoming a mentor to new members.   The recruitment and retention of new members is the key to our success in continuing to serve the youth of our community!
Mike White was our Greeter this morning and was heard saying to a table load of early birds-“why are all you guys here before me?” and treated to a big round of laughter.
Rockies purple filled the room including Tom Overton and Phil Perington,(District shirts), Tom Mauro (jacket), Allen Malask (underwear) and Mark Metevia (socks). The LL Bean brothers-Jack Rife and Jack Klienheksel were both see both wearing fine sportswear from N.H. 
It was another sumptuous breakfast featuring delicious giant breakfast burritos &green chili, fresh cantaloupe, pastries and all the hot coffee you can drink. YUM. The buffet was sold out and Ed Collins was seen licking the bottom of the bowl. 
A big “Howdy Fella’s”, to Jack Rife-Jeff Wilson-Perry Allen-Vaughn Kendall-Bill Morgan-Don Roth and Tom Overton. It’s great to see you back in the house.
Perry Allen
Tom Overton
Bill Morgan
President Tom Kramis Announcing happy Earth Day to all, gaveled the gathered together at 7:01 or :02. Tom Hoch was deeply concerned. Past Governor Tom Overton led the invocation with, "Patriotism is not about nationalism but rather the process of listening, one with another and acting in good faith for that which is good and fair. We must endeavor to learn & respect when sharing our ideas. With optimism and hope we can all live in peace.”  The Pledge of Allegiance followed by the always boisterous “Play Ball!” Rockies are on a roll.
Our Prez announced that it is Camaraderie Day and please circulate the room in good spirit.
Tom opened by awarding new member Jeff Wilson his framed certificate of membership, Club pin and congratulations. Jeff was responsible for facilitating the acquisition of 1100 trees from his native home in Oregon and is now honing his skills on the upcoming cornhole tournament at the 3rd quarter conference.
Thursday night was the monthly Board meeting, and a few important things were discussed and settled. The breakfast buffet will continue until June 1 at $10.00 per head. We need 25 hungry diners to break even. We have $107,000.00 in the bank and can afford to cover the cost. It’s part of our promotion for new members. The annual MS-150 Hydration Station was on the agenda  and approved. We will  participate with the  TAMARAC ladies. Craig Eley submitted a well designed 3-page  Mentor outline and will be soon organizing the Committee.
Frank Middleton was a guest and informed the Board we have 60 new Scouts in the fold(3 crews). A Scouts to Breakfast program was proposed.
Dan Rodriguez offered to help Frank with the Holiday Party this year, the vote was unanimous. Tom then suggested we have a Happy Hour event with members old and new along with other Clubs, including picnics, fun events (speed croquet-closest to the pin chipping) and other wild and crazy things. Also, there is a need for more Sullivan Scholarship grants, due to late arrivals. See below.
Dick Nickoloff: He is participating in the LAST Cherry Creek Sneak. Bureaucracy and the high cost of Security + other issue finally rang the death knell for one of Denver’s premier community events. For years Bill Michaels was the legendary promoter and manager of the race has been sorely missed.
Michael Chavez: Reaffirmed the MS 150 Hydration Station on June 26th gathering at Silver Creek H.S. Details and signup sheet is going around the room. Please sign up for this great event. 
Craig Eley: proudly presented the Purple Directories and advised the million dollar payment will again be tendered by Tom Mauro.
Greg Young: Announced the Event Coordinator at the Botanical Gardens has left over flowers and custom bouquets they would like to make available to Service Clubs, instead of discarding. We will work with Tamarac Optimist Club on this project.
Frank Middleton: Quite happy to report the King Soopers community give back program recorded 44 Club card participants generating $368.40 free money for the 1st quarter of 2022.  Come on Guys-Sign up!  WOW what a great job Frank.
Jon Wachter: As Lt. Governor he is promoting the 3rd Quarter Conference and 1st annual cornhole team tournament. Please sign up and remember the Club reimburses the cost of lunch @ $25.  Dan Rodriguez is the featured entertainment with a whole new magic act. (Check your pockets for hidden playing cards). Go to District website to sign up:
Craig Eley: The new proposed Mentoring protocol is linked on GUMS so  please read and consider volunteering.  This is a tremendously important element in the continued growth and success of Monaco South.
The new ticket design and 3rd Quarter report was settled. The $5000 award money is sequestered in a separate account as required by S.O.S. Ticket sales will begin May-Friday the 13th. Drawing is August 19th @ 7:30 following breakfast. 525 tickets are available at $20 each. Payoff is $2,500 1st prize $1,000 2nd prize and 15- $100 3rd prizes.
Joe Marci: Reported the Sullivan Scholarship committee received 11 new application on the deadline date. A few of the applications were worthy of consideration The committee will again convene to award 3 more scholarships as approved at the Board Meeting, immediately following breakfast.
We'll invite the 8 scholarship winners and their families to breakfast next month. I'll also invite a representative from Thomas Jefferson High School. We can have the students be the speakers for the meeting telling us about their high school feats and their plans for college. Once I have the date we can increase the breakfast order to feed them and us. I'll coordinate with Tom and Pat. Tom and I sent the congratulation letters out this morning. We can include in GUMS that they will be at the meeting.
$90 in Cash
Card 8 spades luck card for the Draw
CUP WINNERS- Jack Klienheksel-Jon Wachter-Larry Pulaski-Mike White-Joe Marci
LUCK of the DRAW-Jack Rife & Frank Middleton-Nope, sorry Charlie no tuna.
POKER CHIPS DRAW-John Young-Nope, but good luck next time.
Honor our earth and show your solidarity with Ukraine by joining Councilwoman Black, the Thomas Jefferson High School Sustainability Club, the Denver Park Trust, and Denver Parks & Rec at Babi Yar Park (10451 E Yale Ave.) on April 29 from 3 - 5 PM.

Volunteers are needed for a park clean up to include debris removal and other maintenance projects. Please contact Andrew Brooks to RSVP.

Babi Yar Park is a Holocaust Memorial honoring the 200,000 Jews and Ukrainians that were murdered at the Babi Yar Ravine in Kyiv, Ukraine during WWII. Learn more here.
Monaco South New Member Mentoring Program
April 20, 2022
By Craig Eley
When compiling the latest Monaco South Directory, I noticed that a number of fairly new members have dropped out of the Club. These are:
Bryan Prosperi
Steve Hick
John Webb
Lincoln Ayle
Nikko Koski
Gary Amelon
Consequently, our membership has dropped to 113 actual members and one Friend of Optimism (FOO).
When we consider our historic high of a few years ago of around 140, we can see that we are experiencing a downward trend. We are not alone in this - the latest email from Optimist International explained the need for a dues increase. One of the reasons given is:
Throughout the past thirteen years, membership has declined by forty-one percent (41%). A 41% decline in membership equates to a loss of over 1.6 million US dollars in annual dues revenue to the organization.
There are many explanations we can look to for the drop in service club membership. Certainly, for our own Club, the lack of in-person fellowship and the dearth of Club projects during the pandemic of the past two years has made it easy for members to drift away from feeling a part of the Club. Also, from 2020 to date we have lost nine members through death.
Dissecting the many reasons for the general loss of service club members is not, in my opinion helpful at this time. Instead, I believe we should focus our efforts on a way to better assimilate the members who do join us during these turbulent times.
We expend a lot of effort, or we should, in bringing guests to Club meeting and turning them into members. Every one is precious, and we should be prepared to spend the time and money necessary to keep them engaged and enrolled in Monaco South.
In the past, we have started mentoring programs, but in my view they have not been successful because of the lack of follow-through. We need to make it an ongoing Club priority.
I have looked at a number of mentoring programs, from OI and other service club organizations. Below is an outline for a mentoring program which I have tailored to the particular circumstances of our Club. I am sure many others have ideas which can be incorporated into a Monaco South Mentoring Program if the Board decides to adopt one.
The purpose of the Optimist Club of Monaco South Mentoring Program is:
  1. To give new members a sense of fellowship and belonging to the Club.
  2. To help new members assimilate into the life of the Club by encouraging their participation in Club activities, projects and meetings.
  3. To educate new members about the history of the Club, its practices and traditions.
  4. To engender in new members a desire to be of service to our community and youth.
  5. To give new members an understanding of Optimism as a philosophy of life.
  6. To retain new members as active members and future leaders of the Club.
Mentors should be veteran Club members (not the new member sponsor) who agree to mentor a new member for one year. The reason for having the Mentor be someone other than the sponsor is because we want all Club members to bring in guests and new members without the fear that they will end up being Mentors. We do not want to discourage members from bringing in guests. Not all Club members want to take on the responsibility of being a Mentor, and not all of them would be good at it.
Mentor Responsibilities
  1. Help the new member feel welcome.
  2. As soon as possible, take the new member to lunch, coffee, or whatever is appropriate, along with their sponsor, to give the new member an initial introduction to the workings of the Club.
  3. Determine interests of the new member and pass on any ideas for projects, etc. that the new member has.
  4. Sit with the new member at meetings for three months. Sit at a different table with the new member periodically to facilitate meeting other Club members.
  5. If the new member misses two meeting (unless the new member is generally unable to attend meetings), telephone the new member to insure that all is OK.
  6. Telephone the new member to invite him to participate in Club projects and events. Greet the new member at projects and show him the ropes. Pick up the new member to take to projects, if practical.
  7. Stay in regular communication with the new member.
  8. Arrange for the new member to be photographed and interviewed for a biography to be published in GUMS.
  9. Attend a new member orientation program with the new member.
  10. Attend periodic meetings of Mentors to discuss problems, issues and ways to improve the program.
  11. Submit periodic progress reports with the Mentoring Chair.
Mentoring Chair Responsibilities
  1. Recruit Mentors.
  2. Train Mentors regarding their responsibilities.
  3. Contact each Mentor on a monthly basis to check that responsibilities are being met.
  4. Draft a progress report form for Mentors to submit periodically to Mentoring Chair.
  5. Draft a new member orientation guide.
  6. Make a quarterly progress report to Board.
  7. Arrange periodic meetings of Mentors to evaluate the program and explore improvements.
  8. In cooperation with Membership Chair, arrange for at least an annual New Member Orientation meeting.
Responsibilities of the Club
  1. Appoint a mentoring Chair.
  2. Fund the Mentoring Program (lunches with new members, refreshments at Orientation, etc.).
  3. Devise a name badge which indicates a new member.
  4. Consistently recognize attending new members at the beginning of each meeting.
  5. Devote the space necessary in GUMS to run a short biography and photo of the new member.
  6. Induct the new member in a dignified, meaningful ceremony.
  7. Create a Mentor recognition segment at the annual Installation Banquet.
  8. Assign responsibility for monitoring the Mentoring Program to a Vice President.
  9. Receive and evaluate Mentoring Chair’s quarterly report.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Dick Nickoloff
April 2
Phil Perington
April 4
Cesar Camarena
April 15
Paul Stratton
April 18
John Kleinheksel
April 24
*MSOC members
Friday Apr 29 Tamara Kirch, Creating a Mental & Emotional 1st Aid Kit
Friday May 6. Frank Rowe*,  Denver Park Trust update
Friday May 13. OPEN
Friday May 20. Camaraderie Day
Friday May 27.  Michael Gropper Suporting Veterans Integration Through Culinary Arts
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T H E O P T I M I S T C R E E D — Promise Yourself . . . To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet. To make all your friends feel that there is something in them. To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best. To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile. To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. To be too large for worry, too noble for
anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.