The ever-present Bill Litchfield (owner of the "Optimist" license plate)  manned the greeting duties along with Michael Chavez this morning, and  managed to keep up with a large and lively crowd, making each one feel welcome, on Friday morning, July 29th, 2022.
President Tom Kramis asked Gentleman George Buzick to deliver the invocation.  George reminded us that the good deeds we perform today and have long-lasting impact, much like the ripples from the impact of a tiny pebble landing in a pond.  Well after we are gone, our efforts can continue to resonate in a positive fashion.  He then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. 
Our guest today was Kevin Dempsey, a member of Bethany Lutheran Church who was invited by Michael Chavez.  Kevin expressed thanks for hosting him, and says he looks forward to working with us on the Thanksgiving dinner this year.
There were a few smiling, friendly faces in attendance at the Legion that we hadn’t seen in a while.  Perry Allen, Everett “Purple Beard” Gardner, Jack Rife, and Dime-a-day representative Andy Towt, who was busy passing out pins.  Good to see you, gentlemen!
Greg Young reported on the new project with the Denver Art Museum after their evening events, Greg and Pat Bush have been picking up the large floral bouquets that were used for only a few hours.  They take them to the Tamarac Club, where they are broken down and made into smaller arrangements and delivered to seniors. 
The first batch was split between Eastern Star (100 stems) and Clermont Park (50 arranged bouquets).  The last batch went to Eastern Star.  They have an occupational therapy session where the participating residents pick out their flowers to arrange themselves.
Phil Perington provided a Raffle update.  400 tickets have been sold with three weeks to go until the big drawing. The goal is 500 total sales.  Bob Meyer, last year’s big money winner, committed to purchasing 10 tickets this year (it is possible that Phil used some high-pressure sales tactics to seal that deal).  Phil and some of his team have been going to other clubs to sell tickets and reminding them that, for only $20, their members could take home $2500!
Robert Wardlaw reminded everyone that Friday, August 12th will be our Principals to Breakfast meeting.  Principals from all of the schools where we sponsor Super Citizen programs are invited to join us that day.  Two schools have RSVPd already, and we hope to have the rest join us as well.
Andy Towt went to the stage and gave a Dime a Day update.  This is an Optimist International Foundation program that raises funds by asking for donations of, you guessed it, a dime a day for a year, so $36.50.  Andy thanked the 15 members who have made donations in this fiscal year so far, which is slightly behind pace from this time last year.  Consider a gift of $36.50 - let Andy know and he’ll make sure your check gets to the right place.  Andy gave a special thanks to three men of Monaco South who have joined OI’s President’s Club by making their donation $1/day instead of $0.10/day.  Kudos to Bob Avery, Pat Bush and Harry Fegley!
BRENT'S PLACE PANCAKE BREAKFAST                        Al Gapuzan Don Roth
We fed about 350 people, Fire Department 2 and a lot of volunteers. Weather was hot but was nice to have some shade and fire truck #2 keeping us cool. Thanks to Tamarac member who participated.
Note from President Tom, who did a phenomenal job of 
organizing the food for the breakfast to Greg Young:
Thanks for cooking up 3 cases of sausage links! Between you, Al Gapuzan and Bob Avery, Russ Paul and Don Roth we cooked up 6 of the 7 cases of sausage, 160 links per case. We went thru 7 of 8 10lb bags of Krusteaz pancake mix and a half case of whipped butter packets. The Pancake Breakfast went off without a hitch!              
Cesar Camerena Tom Kramis
Mike McMahon Phil Perington                                      Greg Young and Bob Avery
Our esteemed treasurer Pat Bush let us know that invoices for directory advertisements have been sent out and that you cannot expect to get the Million Dollar business promised by Tom Mauro if you don't pay your bill. Those of you with an ad in the directory please keep an eye out for the invoice and remit payment promptly.  Pat also asked that Super Citizen reps check with him to see if their school is interested in our school supplies program.  If so, Pat will provide the school with a $100 check.
Jon Wachter says that the University Hills Optimist Club helps out at the St. Andrew’s Society Scottish Festival every year, and they would like some assistance from us with ticketing.  The event is next Saturday and Sunday, August 6th and 7th.  Click the link above for more details.  Uhills will make a donation back to Monaco South if we are able to provide some volunteers.  Jon passed around a sign up sheet for 2-3 hour shifts.

SxSE Banner

South by Southeast Community Festival is coming up!  If you aren’t familiar with the event, click here for all of the details.

Our club has traditionally provided volunteers to help make the event run smoothly.  As many of you know Councilwoman Black (Kendra) is not running for a 3rd term so this will be our last chance to work with all of you who have helped to make this event such a positive and fun community experience. Most of you already have the original t-shirt but if you want or need a new one, please put that in the Sign Up Genius link.  We will be ordering the t-shirts on August 7th! You will all get a beer ticket (or two) and if you work two or more shifts, we will give you a food voucher for the food truck of your choice. Please see below for details and to sign up. 

What: Volunteers Needed!

•           Entrance Watchers

•           Cashiers

•           Beer Pourers

•           Waste Watchers

•           Whatever you need for however long you need me 😊

 Sign up to Volunteer here

Frank Middleton took to the mike to make an announcement on the behalf of Dan Rodriguez.  The South by Southeast Festival will be a great opportunity to meet people and talk to them about Optimism.  We will be sharing a booth with the Tamarac Club and Frank passes around sign up sheet, looking for volunteers to staff 2 hour shifts at the booth.  So consider doing that either before, after or instead of pouring beer or helping with parking.

Tamara Kirsch, representing the Tamarac Club and the co-coordinator for South by Southeast, announced that there will be a book giveaway at the Optimist booth at the festival.  There are between 400-600 books at Frank Middleton’s house that will need to be moved on Friday, August 19th morning to the tents at Bible Park.  Please let Tamara know if you can assist.

Mark Metevia introduced our special guest speaker today, Denver City Councilwoman for District 4, Kendra Black.
Kendra, who is the driving force behind the South by Southeast Festival, says she has 352 days remaining in her term (but who’s counting?).  She is not running for City Council again, and her successor will have to decide to continue the event or not.
Like President Kramis, she rode her bike to the meeting this morning as part of her No Drive Friday effort.  She encouraged each of us to have one day per week when we do not drive our cars. 
Kendra is proud of advances made during her time in office with the new installations of public art in the district.  She gave us an update about a project in the area around Kennedy Golf Course.  There is some underutilized land which includes some abandoned infrastructure, all owned by the Army Corps of Engineers, that she hopes can be turned into a skate park.  There is some graffiti art there that would be maintained.  Right now, there is a feasibility study underway to see if putting a skate part there would be less costly than a brand-new park in a different location.
Wellshire golf course and clubhouse will be 100 years old in 2026, and Kendra says a group is forming to plan a celebration.  The kickoff event will be a Happy Hour on Tuesday, September 13th, 5:30 pm at the clubhouse.  Wellshire was opened in the 1920’s as a private club.  It was sold to the city during the Great Depression. 
Kendra is a proud graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School and said there will be an all T.J. reunion on Friday, September 23rd at Junction Food and Drink, near Dave and Busters.
Kendra has a newsletter with 5,000 people on her monthly distribution list.  She offered to add our club announcements if we get the information to her office with enough lead time.
Kendra was asked if she has endorsed anyone who is running for her seat.  She answered no, but she does intend to once she learns more about the candidates.  Two people have filed to run, and she thinks there may be more.  Multiple club members expressed their thanks to Kendra for her hard work during her time in office.
Keep up to date with the activities and events in District 4, as well as finding Kendra’s newsletter, by clicking here.
We had a drawing, but nobody won the big money of $60, even though Bill Litchfield, Greg Holt (2x), and our Guest, Kevin Dempsey won some cups. George Buzick and Greg Young were unsuccessful at the draw and Mario Sani won a raffle ticket.
Editor's Note: Jim was a valued member of MSOC for over a decade and was sponsored by Tom Mauro.  He was a longtime member of the newsletter staff.
Jim PiccinelliJim Piccinelli
By Tom Mauro
Joie and I have been honored to be colleagues and friends with Jim and Margaret over the past six decades.  We remember fond social gatherings with Dick and Jean Watt.  Dick was also our colleague and leader at United Banks.  Our deepest condolences go out to the Piccinelli family and friends.  We were privileged to know him.
Jim leaves a tremendous legacy as an information system professional; a courageous and trusted colleague; a citizen of character; and a loving husband, father, son, brother, and grandfather.
Jim and I met in 1973 when we both joined United Banks Service Company.  Jim had been at Gates Rubber, and I had just finished my commitment in the U.S. Army.  We immediately became fast friends and not just because both our last names ended in a vowel.
United Banks Service Company was a unique idea in the banking world in the 1970s as it was a wholly owned subsidiary of United Banks of Colorado.  The systems being used by United Banks were legacy “batch” processing systems for traditional applications like checking, savings, and loan accounts. 
United Banks had a visionary named Neil Roberts who had the idea for an integrated customer-oriented banking data base system that incorporated the concept of batch processing with real-time on-line customer updated information.  Jim and many of the people at United Banks Service Company brought this system to life in the 1970’s. It was unique in the banking business throughout the United States for over two decades. 
Jim was a consummate professional as a systems programmer, a manager of applications and systems programmers, and as an executive vice-president at United Banks, Norwest, and Wells Fargo.
He was a tough but considerate manager of people and a teacher for his employees as well.  That made sense because he also had been a math teacher in the Denver metro area in his pre- IT life.  
Jim also had a little psychology in him as well.  He used to accuse me of creating chaos in the company, taking the lead in solving the chaos I created, and then taking credit for it.  He said that was a unique way of getting ahead.  I never knew what he was talking about.               
Jim worked tirelessly and efficiently in everything he ever did in the 25 years we worked together.  When United Banks was acquired in the 1990’s, he was a warrior in promoting the UBSC systems versus the less sophisticated acquirer systems.  And when I say “warrior”, I mean it because there was a war between the two IT organizations about which systems would survive.  (Jim also was a warrior in battling the health problems he had.)
Although the acquirer won the battle when a commercial system similar to United Banks data base system became available, the people that had the knowledge and leadership example provided by Jim played a key role in making those systems successful at Norwest and then at Wells Fargo. 
Jim and I also happened to be roommates in our shared apartment on our travels to Minneapolis.  We did enjoy a few Italian dinners together at places like Bucca de Beppo and attended a few Minnesota Twins baseball games in the dome.  Walleye pike was also often on the menu.
Jim loved his family and always expressed his gratefulness for everyone regardless of any trials or tribulations anyone ever had.
Jim was kind, had a great sense of humor, and always expressed interest in how you were doing.  He loved his grandchildren and what you have already accomplished.  He was an honest, trustworthy individual who always acted as an example for others.
Jim was an outstanding athlete playing golf and starring in basketball and softball on the UBSC teams.  He was a renaissance man in that he appreciated art, music, travel, and many other cultural activities.
When Nike adopted its motto, “Just Do It”, Jim was right there and encouraged all of us to not just talk about doing things but to “Just Do It!”.
He was an exemplary friend, citizen, and community contributor.  We will miss him, but we are all better for knowing him.  Margaret, thanks for sharing him with us all.
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