On the last day of 2021 — a year that dealt Boulder County a tragic mass shooting in the midst of ongoing pandemic woes — thousands of residents who’d evacuated Superior and Louisville waited ahead of a looming snowstorm to learn whether a wildfire had engulfed their homes.

Pushed due east by 100-mph winds, the Marshall fire sparked late Thursday morning south of Boulder, burning across 6,000 acres that afternoon and evening, destroying as many as 1,000 homes and businesses in Superior and Louisville.



Sparse crowd (18 people for the New Year's Eve Breakfast as Bob Avery shares tales of Christmas tree lot.
Photos by Phil Perington
Jon Wachter
On this last day of 2021(Thank goodness) with the new moon still visible and with President Tom Kramis attending via Zoom (He tested positive for Covid-19); Jon Wachter called the meeting to order and asked Cesar Camerena to read the invocation.  After reading the standard New Year invocation, Cesar read a second to remind us of those who lost everything in yesterday's wildfire just east of Boulder, in Superior. The 18 members present then recited the Pledge of Allegiance.                                                                                      Cesar Camarena
Tom Mauro announced that he had prepared a tribute to Oscar Sorenson, Charter Member and a guiding spirit of Monaco South Optimist Club. Due to the sparse attendance this morning, Tom will share this with us next week.
Family christmas dinner with grandparents Vector Image
Michael Chavez, with a new haircut, once again thanked those who helped deliver 54 Christmas Food Baskets last Saturday (See last week's GUMS for details) Michael especially mentioned Vaughn Kendall for helping to prepare the baskets and Tom Mauro for providing the toys that went with the food baskets.  Thanks to Michael for ramrodding this event, and for all the other things he does.
List of volunteers for breakdown and storage of Tree lot Fixtures and Equipment:
 Sunday 12/26: George Buzick, Kent Gloor, Mark Metevia, Matt Nelson & Son (Liam), Cesar Camarena and Phil Perington with nephew Wade Sheppard. 26 trees were trimmed and purchased for $130 by Wade.
Donation Box collected almost $400. Dumpster was filled to the brim. Trailer was successfully moved by Kent Gloor and helpers.Treasurer Pat Bush reported excellent numbers are coming in on tree sales and final profit. Tom Kramis will issue final report.                                               
 It was noted the night crew for final days was anchored by Greg Holt, Vaughn Kendall, George Buzick, Tamara Kirch and Phil  Perington. Lack of lighting probably diminished sales.
Phil Perington and Nephew Wade Shepard.
Thanks from Tom Kramis - Prez and Tree Lot Manager
Thank you to Phil Perington to help cut trees down for customer’s and thank you to his nephew:
(Editor Note by Phil Perington)
My nephew Wade took 28 trimmed trees and gave me $5 apiece as a credit to added tree sales.
And a special thanks to Dan Rodriguez, Past Prez for making us more signs.
And BIG thank you to, Buzick, Towt, Chavez, Camarena, Hurt, Vaughn and Metevia for helping me execute the last big effort yesterday to put remaining tree racks, propane and staircases back into storage, broom clean lot and make 5 trips to tree cycle at Havana Nursery.
Job well done!!! Happy New Year!!
Note from Lois Pedersen, Widow of long- time member Ralph Pedersen
Good report of tree sales and Super Citizen.  Ralph was always interested in both of those items.  Thanks, Lois
Why MSOC is best Christmas tree lot in Denver
A great big thank you Greg Young for replacing our dead Christmas tree at no charge. Although it was a first for us, swapping out the tree was painless and now we have a beautiful healthy tree to make it through our favorite holiday! We will absolutely be back next year, until then wishing you and yours a healthy and happy 2022!
The Woolcotts
Chili Cook Off
Jon Wachter, Gary Strowbridge, and Mark Maglio (a volunteer) sample the chili. There were only 2 entries. Jim Easton and Mark Metevia.  The voting was tied at 8 votes apiece. Both were winners!
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Craig Eley reported that he sold 84 jars of honey. How sweet it is!
Hooray! We had a drawing.  With only 18 members present, the cup-of-money was small, but several, including Bob Avery, Mark Metevia, Tom Hoch and Jack (of course) Kleinheksel chose cups, which led to Ed Collins and Bob Avery having to draw for the big money ($40). Neither was successful, nor was Tom Hoch whose name (after many were sorted out) was drawn and was wearing his name tag.  Next week, $50 and a brand new deck of cards.
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Jan. 07, 2022        Denver Park Trust Update                         Frank Rowe
Jan. 14, 2022        Model Ship Building                                 Harry Fegley
Jan. 21, 2022        Camaraderie                                              
Jan. 28, 2022        Toy Trains and Technology                        Greg Hurd
Feb. 04, 2022        Advances in Train Technology                  Greg Hurd
Feb. 11, 2022        Camaraderie
Feb. 18, 2022        Chairman & CEO Merrick & Co              Christopher Sherry PE
Feb. 25, 2022         Denver Fire Department                           Capt. Brian Norton &
                                Station 22                                                 Capt. Ben Bramwell 
Mar 04, 2022         How Synthetic Nitorgen                            Kent Gloor
                               Changed the World
Mar 11, 2022          Promoting Health For You                        Ryan Bresnahan
                               and Your Community
Mar 18, 2022         National History Day in Colorado              Kayla Gebhart
Mar 25, 2022         Camaraderie
Apr  01, 2022         The Colorado River Compact                    Casey Funk
Apr 08, 2022          OPEN
Apr 15, 2022          OPEN
Apr 22, 2022          Camaraderie 
Apr 29, 2022          Creating a Mental and Emotional               Tamara Kirch
                               First Aid Kit     
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