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Editors Notes
Lots of conversation this morning.
 Member pictureThe subject of Time Zones became contested. Most thought there are 24 times zones (1 for each 15 degrees of longitude), however Bryce Slaby pointed out there are some south pacific ½ hour areas and yes there really are 25 time zones. Peter Dimond chortled time is just a state of mind. This segued into a mention of the  Chinese New Year celebration on this cold and icy Friday Morning. There will be little if any  participation. Mark Metevia donning his Moose is Loose sweatshirt and Uncle Bob Avery sporting a floppy top Optimist cap looked just right for the temperature outside.
COVID shots quickly became the subject of interest. Someone commented it’s
good we have two arms, just in case one falls off after the first shot. Always the
optimist. Maduro vaccinations are effective after 14 days with Pfizer coming in at
41 days. There will soon be 95% of elder coverage in the state, if you listen to the
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It was good to see Russ Paul on Zoom for the 1st time. After getting control of the mute button, Russ joined the conversation, filled with good cheer and a big smile. Great to see him back in the groove.
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President Call to Order
The 7am welcome gavel came to life and President Dan called the meeting to
order, reporting attendance was 29 and growing. Bob Meyer then presented the
Valentine’s Day invocation on this Frigid Friday, “May the miracle of love continue
to be inspired each and every day to those we hold dear in our heart. Our loved
ones are a treasure. Grant us to be more loving and forgiving, always holding close
those we care for, in grace and honor.” The Pledge of Allegiance followed ending
with the ever loyal and optimistic cheer of “PLAY BALL!”.
Editors Note: For those who want to Zoom but don’t have a camera for their computer, check Amazon or Best Buy for some very inexpensive Webcams that plug into your USB port on the computer and clip to the top of your monitor.  Be sure to get one with an integrated microphone so you sound good too!
Super Citizen
Tom Mauro: For Super Citizen awards this year Hamilton will hold at least 1
assembly and participate in the Charlie Korsoski awards. Stay on the alert for
updates please.
Frank “Soooper II” Middleton Reported there are 28 participants in the King
Soopers Super Value card program. The instructions for signing up are below
and, as Bill Litchfield shared, “if all else fails, call Frank and he will guide
you through the process. Franks number is 1-800-Help-ME. 
Frank also noted the WSJ Weekend Edition last week, published a front page story on The Optimist International Organization featuring O.I. President Mark Weinsoff holding a glass half full (not half empty). Excellent publicity for the Optimists.
George Buzick GUMS Editor-in-Chief: Asked for anyone not receiving the newsletter to please let him know. The mechanics for delivery have been hopefully rectified. Also please send article contributions to GUMS for publication. No item is too small, figurative or unusual for consideration.
Joe Marci: Happy to say his trip to Coors Field for COVID shots was wonderful and
the excellent mechanics of staff was quite impressive. Now if only the Rockies
could do the same.
Tom Hoch: A story about Murphy and his wife’s sister got elbowed out of the way
by a tale of Norman and Dora & who would get his golf clubs if she died before he
did. The ending was a surprise to everyone except a divorce lawyer.
Tom Kramis: Headed to Las Vegas for a business convention at Ceasar's Palace with
the rooms priced at $40, and the added Tourist Tax of $60. Tom thinks the deal is a
little slippery.
Peter Dimond: A big “Howdy” to Russ Paul and then added in District 3, the Police
department announced car theft is up 45% due to catalytic converters stolen for
their precious minerals. Maybe we can get a speaker and hear what is going on
under the radar as well.
Bob Avery: While monitoring the attendees this morning announced a Mr.
Sandwich signed in & added Who are you? This led to a quick conversation on
sandwich matters and trivia. It’s still a mystery.

King SoopersMember picture Community Rewards Program                                      To Sign Up:
1.Go to King
2.Hover over account
3.Scroll down, click on My Account                                                        4.Sign in with email and password                                                      5.scroll down and on left side of screen click on Community Rewards
6.Enter organization name Optimist Club of Monaco South and enroll. 
7.Any problems please call Frank Middleton 303 759 9232File:King Soopers logo.svg
To see how much you contributed to MSOC for the last quarter
just do steps 1 through 5 above.
Rev Feb 9, 2021
Alberto Rodriguez
Frank introduces: Alberto Rodriguez our Guest Speaker, Executive
Director for The Boy Scouts of America SR District. Alberto is a native of Caracas Venezuela who migrated to the United States and
attended the University of Florida-“Go gators” and subsequently joined the BSA organization in 2006. 5 years ago he relocated to Denver to assume the position of Executive Director, providing guidance for Scout leaders and fundraising. In the process he received the coveted Gold Panner award, dedicated to his
determination of maintaining high standards & ethics on all levels of the BSA
organization. His presentation focused on the upcoming Eagle Scout Awards Banquet and what it takes to be a Eagle scout, membership and what is going on.
Alberto noted Monaco South has quite a few Eagle Scouts (9) eagles in the group.
In fact Donlie Smith was the founder and creator of the Eagle Scout Annual award
dinner. Donlie, Bob Avery and Jack Klienheksel along other Club members manage
and grade the Eagle Scout Awards applications every year.
He made note of the fact that you are an Eagle for life. It’s a way of life. The path to
Eagle is not for everyone. However, 5% of the Eagles have made it all the way from
Cub Scouts. The foundation of earning the award is based on Leadership. #1 at the
top of the list of requirements is the ability to consistently be a-good leader, and
to make sure everyone completes their task as volunteers for the project. He
noted there is a total of 135 merit badges available. The Eagle candidate must
complete 21.
The journey to Eagle begins at the age of 11 years old. The progression from
Tenderfoot 1 & 2 to Star to Life is completed when the Eagle lands. An added
bonus of a Scout who becomes an early Eagle is the awarding of Palms. The end
game is based on how well the candidate evolves as a successful and well rounded
project manager. The candidate must use a 3rd party for his project, with family
members being a large part of the equation. Alberto noted that a lot of Life Scouts
participate as some of the best volunteers. There are 13 required merit badges,
primarily built around how to be a good citizen. There are 12 points in the Scout
law.. duty to God, self and others. The be an Eagle Scout is an excellent addition to
a resume for College.
Also, if an Eagle joins the military it is path for rapid advancement. There is a
National Eagle Scout association to interact with throughout life. Additionally,
being an Eagle can sometimes be a tie breaker when applying for a job. The key
being, it represents the ability to inner act with others in a small space. An Eagles
book of accomplishment gets bigger every year. How to manage volunteers and
keep good records plays a big part.
Tom Mauro asked if BSA was forced to allow young women in program?
Alberto responded that, actually, female siblings in the ranks made the decision to combine and be together as a unit and share the achievements of Scouting. February 1st
the First female Eagle received her Badge. The motto of the Female Eagle is “Be the
change” whereby a Golden Eagle badge for girls is in the future. There are separate troops and it not a co-ed program. Amazingly, One girl candidate has earned 103 merit badges. A lot of sisters have actually helped their brother put together a successful eagle project.
Post program benefits include the ability to explore career opportunities and interact with future employers. An Eagle is experienced with hands on activity, helping with family issues and maintaining confidence in life building activities.
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Future Developments: Every Council is a 501-C3 each council. BSA will emerge
from bankruptcy by July. Cub Scouts boys and girls Dens will meet separately but work
together as One Unit on community projects. Because most everyone wants to
be a patrol leader reality eventually separates the leaders from the others.
The Leadership Program showing a group how to work together through a trick
obstacle course brings out the leaders. The end game for BSA is to lead youths
into programs resulting in successful life training goals and accomplishments.
BSA is planning for explosive future growth, retention and advanced leadership-
training programs.
Alberto covered a lot of ground and is excited for the future of The Boy and Girl
Scouts of America, as are we. A big thank you. The welcome mat is always out for
the Scouts. It was Great presentation and a Friend of Optimist Membership is on
the table.
The Creed was skillfully led Karl Geil wearing high tech ear muffs.


Humor from Steve Kady

You absolutely have to watch this, and probably share it with others. You are guaranteed a few good laughs. He was a guest speaker at an actual Conference on Ageing in California ; The speaker is a weatherman, but SHOULD be a standup comic. Attendees were young and old alike, male and female. Enjoy. We all need a good laugh right now to take our minds off of COVID-19. LR2qZ0A8vic?rel=0

Some classics for lexophiles How does Moses make tea? Hebrews it.Venison for dinner again? Oh deer! An artist was found dead in his home. Details are sketchy. • I used to be a banker, but then I lost interest. •
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