Phil Perington in full Rockies regalia buys winning drawing ticket from Dr. Bob.
Die-hard fan (and Optimist), Phil predicts 86 wins for the Rocks!
 Greeters: The fabulous M&M twins Mario and Middleton were energetically greeting the gathered this morning. There was excitement in the air. Breakfast had the boys standing in line wagging their tails eying a delicious presentation of sliced Virginia ham, country style potatoes, fluffy scrambled eggs, fresh fruit bowl, pastries and all the coffee you can drink.
President Tom Kramis opens with a tremendous shout out ..Here Come the Rockies!  Beat those Dodgers and don’t forget to cheer for the DU Pioneers Hockey team playing in the Frozen Four National Championship match(which they soundly won Saturday night in Boston). At press time the Rockies are 1-1. Connor Joe is on the loose.
Frank Ross, a huge Rockies fan- ready for a new season!
Kent Gloor began the meeting with a thoughtful invocation: “Giving thanks to the Optimist philosophy way of life by making the tenants of our Creed a part of our lives, helping others to alleviate the stress of daily life and being positive in all we do. The work is never over and we believe optimism is always the best way to get things done.” Amen. The Pledge of Allegiance was accompanied with a boisterous and rowdy cheer of PLAY BALL!
Jack Kleinheksel was honored along with Greg Holt for their dedicated service to their participation in the Eagle Scout Board of Review and their lifelong commitment to the Boys and Girls Scout program.
Tom Mauro (who was reminded he was an Optimist) gave a Rockies prediction: 69 wins are projected by the soothsayers in Las Vegas. However he believes the Rox can/might win 50% and surprise a lot of people. ½ a loaf kinda deal. Others in the crowd shouted out a higher number. Time will tell. Joe Marci announced there are future Rockies tickets available for seats in the 10th row Behind home plate-on the aisle. Other blocks on the 3rd level may be purchased as well. 
There will be a Junior Golf Tournament on May 26th at Meadow Hills.  Foursomes are available as well. Also, the Sullivan Scholarship awards will offer five-scholarships this year @ $500 each. Judging is next week following breakfast.
Mark Metevia(who shops at Amazon) reported Amazon has donated $334 million to charities, of which $4000 has been received by Optimist International in St. Louis. Look for signup on "Amazon Smile".
Ed Collins reminded everyone Cy Regan contributions to the Club has been requested by the family in lieu of flowers etc. Information regarding donations can be found in the middle section of our Directory, including IRA, stock & other distributions. Please consider consider a contribution in Cy’s name and honor.
Craig Eley with camera in hand, announced that If you want a new photo see him following the meeting. There was no new information on who is responsible for the upside down covers stapled to the Directories. The investigation will continue until he gets to the bottom of it.
New Member inductions:
Matthew Nelson and sponsor Kent Gloor + Mario Ansi and his sponsor, Greg Young were presented with new member packets and sworn in by President Tom Kramis. A hearty welcoming applause and smiling group photo closed out a great moment of new membership and growth.
See the source image
                                   Kayla                  Mike                   Sara
Mike Henniger, a long time friend of Tom Kramis and Cesar Camarena (filled with good times and lots of camaraderie through the years) was our Speaker this morning. Co-Speakers, Sara Bromley and Kayla Hammond accompanied Mike as well.  Mike has been nominated for the LLS Man of the Year award.  He has committed to raising by May 21, 2022,  $100,000 for kids, with lymphoma-Hodgkins Disease, the major mission of LLS.  Leukemia is the #1 most diagnosed form of childhood cancer. Compelling and touching life saving  stories of 5-year olds,  Sadie and Braedi unfolded.  Sadie received painful Chemo every day for 11 months as did Braedi at Children’s Hospital in Denver. Both are are now cancer free and living happy and peaceful lives. However research for fighting “integrated cancer” is a constant battle, as is assisting families to cope and adjust to the whole process. 80% of childhood cancer survivors developed a chronic health condition from their treatment, (Every 3 minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer).
Blood cancer treatment survivors protocol optimistically lead to further studies for a cure. Side effects unfortunately can led a lifetime of other health problems. Major surgeries are part of these boys and girls lives. $150 million has bee spent on better treatment programs with the help of John Hopkins University. Note: O.I. Recently fulfilled the commitment of raising $1,000,000. For Childhood Cancer research. Since the 1960’s 5-year survival rates for blood cancers have increased by 2x, 3x and even 4x. Since 2017 LLS has helped advance more than 85% of FDA-approved blood cancer treatment options. 78% of contribution dollars are directed to research studies and development of new drug treatment.  $7500 scholarships are awarded each year to the LLS Boy and Girl winners. To make a contribution or for more information:
We are all grateful to Mike, Sara and Kayla for their presentation and commitment to helping kids and their family fight this troublesome disease. Come back soon!
From Dr. Bob Finkelmeier
“To some extent change means restoring the great things about the game that we fell in love with in the first place.”
- Theo Epstein
For those wanting the summary of where baseball is heading in terms of rule changes, read below. Here's what's under serious consideration:
1. Pitch clock - 14 seconds with no runners on base, 18-19 seconds with runners on base
2. PitchCom technology - allows catchers to signal the pitch to the pitcher electronically, eliminating sign-stealing and the delays that go with that practice.  (What's the over/under on how long it takes teams to hack this technology...?).  More on this in a future post.
3. Limiting infield shifts
4. Challenge system for balls and strikes, similar to tennis - hitter, catcher, or pitcher can challenge a ball-strike call.  Up to 3 per game per team.
The game is about to enter a change phase.  This traditionalist is uneasy about some of it, but acknowledges that baseball needs some reinvention in order to regain its relevance on the American cultural entertainment map. Editor Note: For a more detailed analysis of the changes go to By Jayson Stark Apr 5, 2022
Do we have a drawing?
$ 70 in the pot.
LuckyCard: 6 spades
Phil Perington(2) asks LLS to draw. So sorry-no winner.
Gary Strowbridge-CUP
Jack Kleinheksel-CUP
Chris Dunphy-CUP
Wooden Nickel? Al Gapuzan-Not Today.
Cesar Camarena leads the Creed
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anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.