President Dan Rodriguez began our meeting right on time on this Friday, June 25th, 2021.  He asked Josh Lipuma to deliver the invocation.  Josh delivered a message about living your optimism not only at meetings but when you go about your day also. Every word of kindness and consideration you share helps deliver our message and makes optimism come true.  He then led the Pledge of Allegiance.
There were smiles on a lot of faces this morning - nothing unusual about that, of course.  But today perhaps the grins were a bit bigger, as Donlie Smith treated for coffee and juice today - drinks on Donlie!  Many thanks to Donlie!
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Mike White reported that Cy Regan is living at Eastern Star now, and happens to be across the hall from Mike’s mother.  Mike hasn’t seen Cy yet but his mother reports that he seems to be doing well.  Visitor are allowed but can’t actually go into the apartments.  Mike will keep us posted on any updates he receives.
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Steven Avery shared that Johnny Hurley, the man who lost his life in the Arvada shooting this week, was a friend of Steven’s girlfriend that Steven had met in the past.  A Gofundme page was started to cover the costs of funeral services for Johnny.  If you are interested in getting that information please contact Steve or Bob.
Member picture Steve Kady saw signs of life at the Econlube site near our tree lot.  He investigated and learned that a new business is coming soon.  This clearly would be a potential conflict for the tree lot, so something to be monitored in the event we will need to find an alternate location.
Bob Meyer shared that all of the Jr. Golf qualifying tournaments have concluded.  The CO/WY district is sending 66 kids to Florida and the Doral Resort in three phases during the month of July.  The entire event will have approximately 570 from around the globe (23 countries will be represented), so our contingent is an impressive percentage.  Bob and Joe Marci will be there of course, cheering them on.
On Friday, June 18, under sunny skies and slightly cooler temperatures than earlier in the week, 74 girls aged 10 – 18 competed at Overland Park Golf Course in Denver for 32 spots at THE 2021 OPTIMIST at Doral Resort – Miami.  The winners were as follows:
          Division         Winner                    Score
          15 – 18         Olivia Steen               71              
          13 – 14         Isabella Eide              75
          10 – 12         Sophia Lee                78
That District Qualifier followed the District Qualifier for boys aged 10 – 15 on Friday, June 4, at Flatirons Golf Course in Boulder and the District Qualifier for boys aged 16 – 18 on Thursday, June 10, also at Flatirons.  Each of those District Qualifiers had fields of 105 boys competing for 38 spots at THE 2021 OPTIMIST and were played under sunny and Colorado blue bird skies.  The winners were as follows:
          Division         Winner                    Score
          10 – 11         Levi McDowell            78
          12 – 13         Clint Summers III       72
          14 – 15         Austin Barry               68
          14 – 15         Max Lange                 71
In the Boys 12 – 13 age division, Clint Summers III beat out Gavin Amella in a 6-hole sudden-death playoff.  Gavin had 7 birdies in his regulation round.
In the Boys 16 – 18 age division, Max Lange beat out Traejean Andrews, Bielly Phasay, and Mathieu Zerwin in a 3-hole sudden-death playoff.
The total turnout of 284 junior golfers was about the same as the last District Qualifiers competed in 2019.  The 2020 District Qualifiers were cancelled because of the COVID pandemic.
Thank you to MSOC Club members Joe Marci, Ron Cisco, Noel Hasselgren, Nick Picucci, Russ Paul, Mike White, Sewell Black, Tom Kramis, and Bob Meyer for volunteering at one or more of the District Qualifiers and thank you to the Club for donating $ 4,000 to the District Junior Golf Program.
South by Southeast festival is coming up August 21st - click the link for all details. Greg Young reminded us that District 4 Councilperson Kendra Black is a friend of our club.  The event is from 11:00 - 7:00, and there will be a food truck, beer garden, fun and games, vendors, and live music.  They need volunteers to help again this year.  The shifts are for three hours, and then you can stay and enjoy the event.
We are pleased to announce that SxSE is on for 2021! Our theme this year is Race and Social Justice and we have many new and unique bands and food trucks lined up.  You are getting this e-mail because you volunteered for SxSE in the past.  Volunteers are crucial to the success of the festival plus we have so much fun working with you all and missed you in 2020!   Please see below for details and to sign up. 
South By Southeast
Where: Bible Park 6180 E. Yale Ave
When: Saturday August 21 from 11 am – 7 pm
What: Volunteers Needed!
  • Entrance Watchers
  • Cashiers
  • Beer Pourers
  • Waste Watchers
  • Community Survey Tent
  • Whatever you need for however long you need me 😊
Volunteer here  or email

photo of union pacific big boy no 4012
George - here is the very latest on the Big Boy restored steam locomotive I thought may be of interest.
The Union Pacific Steam Club announced today June 14th that 4014 Big Boy steam locomotive's 2021 tour will start in Cheyenne Aug 5 on its route to Kansas City and then on to Texas. Then stop at Ft Worth, Houston and Beaumont.  Then head east to New Orleans and up to Shreveport.   Via Poplar Bluff, Arkansas, to Saint Louis and back to Kansas City.  Finally to DENVER on Sept. 6 that is Labor Day weekend.  Hopefully this year there will be an opportunity to see this giant of a steamer up close.  
The UP Steam Club also stated that astronaut Megan McArthur floated a commemorative 4014 Big Boy Steam Crew coin in the weightlessness of the International Space Station, see photo. Megan’s family loves trains – what a contrast in technology for an astronaut. The coin will eventually be located in the UP Museum in Council Bluffs, IA across the Missouri River from Omaha.  
Please sign up to help with the Rockies Handouts on July 21st., 10:45 AM.   You will get a tshirt and ticket to the game.  $1 parking available in the lot at 33rd and Blake.  The club will earn $500 for our coffers.
Today’s speaker was Katie Singleton, Chief Membership and Program Officer for the Girl Scouts of Colorado. (Click the link for their website)
Katie has been with the Girl Scouts for 6 years, serving inn several roles.  She coordinates a staff of 60, working on behalf of 20,000 girl scouts around the state. 
Katie thanked Steve Kady for the invitation to speak to us.  She is very proud of the efforts over the last year of her team, volunteers, and all of the scouts.  The all showed resiliency, as well as creativity, over the last year.
The Girl Scouts of Colorado is a membership driven organization.  Families and volunteers drive all of their programs.  Like many organizations, their worked pivoted dramatically in 2020.  The suspended registration activities and began phone call outreach.  They offered Zoom meeting platforms to their groups with virtual programming.  Some of the new virtual programs were well received and will continue.  Specifically, the Girls Scouts of Colorado began a “meet an expert” series, featuring successful women from across the country.  The scouts heard from judges, officers in the Space Forces, U.S. Senators, doctors, engineers, and military officers.  Their program has become a model for the rest of the country’s Girl Scout organizations.
The second new program was a badge series.  This was a virtual program that guided girls through the process on how to earn their Girl Scout badges.  The hands on work was still required, but the virtual guide help connect scouts from all over the state and to create community.
The famous Girl Scout cookie program had to pivot as well.  Sales were mostly online, with scouts having personalized links to track their orders, and many still did deliver the cookies, leaving them on porches.  On the national level, the Girls Scouts partnered with GrubHub for delivery as well. Katie was happy to report that the Colorado Girl Scouts had the highest cookie sales in the nation! 
Eagle Scout Awards - Including the Donlie P Smith "Outstanding Eagle Project" Award. (Thanks to Bob Avery)
(Photo by Bob Avery)
Bike 2016 Facebook profile v12

President Dan Rodriguez asked everyone to rise and face him with their cups raised high, as he took a panoramic picture of the crowd toasting today’s coffee benefactor, Donlie Smith.  Thanks again, Donlie
Dan then announced an interactive game for all to play, with the winner receiving a raffle ticket.  All present were asked to put their hands on either their heads or their backsides.  Dan then flipped a coin, and when it came up heads, all of those with their hands on their “tails” were out of the game, and those with hands on their heads continued. It only took four flips of the coin to determine the last Optimist standing - Tom Kramis !  Congrats Tom - what a phenomenal heads or tails strategist you are!

We then had a drawing!  $130 was in the pot, just waiting to be claimed.  The 6 of diamonds held the key. Styrofoam cups of easy cash went to:

Allen Malask, Greg Holt,Jack Kleinheksel,Larry Pulaski,Bill Morgan and Ed Collins tried their luck for the big dough, but alas, ’twas to no avail.  The 6 of diamonds also eluded name tag wearing Bill Litchfield, much to his chagrin. President Dan concluded our meeting by leading us in the creed we know so well:

Promise Yourself, to be so strong…

The Villager
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anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.