brown field near tree during daytime
Morning Chatter
On this beautiful and colorful morning we were called to order a 7:05 am.
We got started a bit late due to our new Zoom connection but everyone quickly adapted and the meeting rolled on. President Dan announced 41 folks had weathered the storm. 
The invocation was presented by Perry Allen speaking to the issues of responsibility, patience and respect for one another as we make our youth stronger and healthier in the days ahead. This followed by The Pledge of Allegiance and the determined cry of “Play Ball!”
Thank You Note
President Dan by began by reading a touching letter from Linda Miller and family in behalf of her dearly departed husband and father Gary. It was a very sweet and personal reflection. The family expressed heart felt Thanks for the gift of friendship and the way we all reached out in their time of grief and reflection.
Most Precious Blood Super Citizen & Parents and Teacher with Joe Marci
Photo by Greg Young
Super Citizen News
MPB met for a Super Citizens program last Tuesday. It went went very well with Joe Marci and and Greg Young at the controls. We have had no contact with Samuels, Don Thomson reported Hamilton is still on board.
Peanut Gallery
After a few comments from the peanut gallery Prez opened the floor to announcements: Tom Mauro, obviously cranky from lack of coffee gave an update on the directory. Adding that any new
wives or girlfriends should be submitted before things change. There will not be a hard copy printed. The directory is available on line only. 

Andy Towt suggested member I.D. Numbers be added.  No new photo shots are planned, if you want a better picture then send it in. The grumpiness continued... Are
there any more dumba** questions? The flood gates opened. A reminder to put exact addresses on mailings is essential now that the Post Office is in such post election turmoil.
Sports Report
memes - Cardinals
Jon Wachter was waving his St. Louis Cardinals flag which led to an anonymously stated comment of "Don’t get me started!" Here was a little light at the end of the tunnel, whereby another voice said he heard Charlie Blackman was quoted as saying the team will carry on and Nolan will hardly be missed. Optimism is in the air at Spring Training. Added to the conversation was that Tiger Woods needs(vehicle) driving lessons as well.
Member News
Tom Kramis announced that today is Bob Avery’s birthday, he’s going skiing but doesn’t think he will get in the number of runs as hi age. Perhaps if he made a weekend of it it might happen. Mark Metevia lamented he couldn’t join in the fun.
Member pictureOscar                                   86!                               DonMember picture
Oscar Sorensen and Don Thomson are both 86 today and still  having a good time.
Our re-located member Scotty Walker and his two cocker spaniels (Sampson & Delilah) is a birthday boy as well. He is building a new home and enjoying the good life over in the Ouray area.
When asked about his trip to Vegas,  Tom Kramis chuckled and said “what happens in Vegas”. Big smile.
Everybody gave another shout out to Russ Paul, Ron Cisco and Steve Avery. Taking a trip down memory lane: Russ who along with past member Howard “Howdy” Fry were the 2 original Santa’s on our Tree Lot in 2008.
Tom Glazier was happy to share the March 23 orientation for new members is on track, Please contact his if you would like to participate.
Tom Hoch told a little story about Mrs. Murphy and her Plumber’s large boots. It turned out she ended up buying him a different size of boots.
Clip Art Raffle Ticket - Png Download (#1757778) - PinClipart
Raffle Update: Committee members V.P Chris Dunphy, Prez Dan Rodriguez and Raffle manager Phil Perington, met last Sunday and worked out the mechanics of our 1st Annual Raffle. 400 Tickets will be distributed May 1st costing $25. The Winner will receive $2,500, 2nd Place is $1,000.and 3rd place will pay $150 to 10 lucky winners as well. The drawing is scheduled for Labor Day. Each member is asked to take 4 tickets for sale.
Dan has designed a ticket that conforms to all S.O.S. Regulations. A bank account has been established with $5,000 in payout funds as required by law. Sale and distribution is still being developed. We have already sold 3 tickets, to which Tom Kramis, Bob Avery and Tom Wachter said they would each take 4. The train has left the station guys, and we are on an adventurous trip to a successful ending. A Christmas raffle is also on the table.
Speaker Chair, Paul Bernard reported upcoming Speakers include Joe Milowski on the 5th
and Attorney and Author Michael Sawaya on March 12th.  It was suggested we get a list of Speakers from Girl Scout leaders for future speakers as well.
Frank Middleton received a $12 check from Safeway and suggested we develop a list of possible Value Card participants from outside the club. Dan will sign up today will sign up today +Jack Rife and Bill Litchfield have recently joined.
Member Recognition
Member picture
New member Greg Holt (last February 2020) shared a few stories about his Work at the 2 Airports over the past 38 years, He served as Chief of Operations for the Stapleton to DIA move in 1995. He spent 20 years in operations and maintenance and then moved on to management of trains busses and baggage. He was also in charge of the demolition and cleanup at Stapleton. He has been involved in Scouting for 20 years and within the Frontier District the past 10 years. Greg retired in September of 2018. He went on to talk about the addition of runways and the notorious United Baggage System, also know by many
as “Mr. Toads Wild Ride” fiasco. Hopefully, we will hear more of Greg's adventures in the future. We thanked him for his help with laying out the tree lot and arranging the configuration of tree racks this year.
Camaraderie day capped off with Birthday Bob Avery leading the Creed:”Promise yourself...”
Editors Note:  Bob Hartwig was Colorado/Wyoming District Governor during the 2013-14 Optimist year and a frequent visitor to MSOC. He and his wife Carolyn have since moved to Texas.
From Dr. Bob Finkelmeier: George, yesterday in the mail was a Christmas Card from Bob & Carolyn Hartwig. It wasn’t delayed by the Post Office since it was mailed from Boerne, TX on February 19th. I guess they just got to mailing them out. 😊 I have attached here. They are now planning to move to Sant Fe – you might want to share this in GUMS as an attachment. I am sure several other might be interested as well. I did invite Bob to join us on a Zoom call, so we might have a guest in the near future.
December, 2020 Boerne, Texas
Needless to say: 2O2O was a very HARD year for most people. Bumping along to an easy start in January, amid a few rumors of a virus coming from Wuhan, it exploded as
COVID-19 mid-March. Quarantines, closures, uncertainty-.. A pandemic the likes we've not seen in 100 years. Despite having lived thru a scarlet fever quarantine and the polio epidemic of the '50's, this CVOID is unlike anything ever experienced. Fortunately, a vaccine(s) is on its way, but it's likely to be next fall ('21) before an 80%+ vaccination level is reached {herd immunity). And somewhere along the way another "new normal" will bring significant changes to the "good old days" of social contact and interaction'
The shutdowns and self-quarantining have not been totally unacceptable to Carolyn and me because:
1. Somewhere along the way of our journey, we decided we'd like to live in Santa Fe, a town we've visited many times and really like. So, in a spirit of adventure, we found a soup kitchen we could work in for our Thanksgiving effort and wandered about the town. Always checking out real estate, we found a home we liked in Rancho Viejo (to the south of the city) and bought it. Managed to get a mortgage, but not without considerable stress- The conforming loan process has become absurd, is not easy to navigate and incredibly stressful- Never again' Finally, it got done.
2. Back in Texas, way too hot in the 5-6 month summers. We spent 3-4 months of the lockdown completing some 14 projects that were pending; finishing and upgrading that house. Got those completed and took a 26' UHaul of boxes & other household goods to Santa Fe. This enabled us to get the TX house on the market, which mostly died due to CV. Only a few showings; little feedback and activity' Schools closed, the summer heat came and went, the slim RE market came and went again, schools tried to re-open, a few more showings, nothing.
3.) Meanwhile, the CV waves came and went. The party conventions came and went. Biden and Trump were nominated and a modicum of normalcy happened' Then, the bizarre events started. Biden got more votes (both popular and electoral) and Trump went nuts. Not a civil transition between administrations. And the crazy stuff isn't over yet. So, fasten your seat belts for the coming historic events. Weird! 
Vaccine and syringe injection set. Prevention, immunization and treatment from coronavirus infection. Epidemic and pandemic concept. Hand drawn watercolor illustration isolated on white background
4.) Good news: a vaccine is now here; being shipped out- But a 3rd wave of CV is now overtaking our country and the world. And a very big shout out and THANKS to the caregivers and those who staff the front lines. Yes, many people are dying, but thanks to the medical community and first responders who have stepped up to control the virus. While others have regressed by saying its not a big deal and doing little. But, it REALLY IS A BIG DEAL AND SERIOUS.
5. Our personal response has been to stay home, hunker down, only go out for groceries (thanks to HEB), a few medical appointments, and only recently have restarted going to church. lt does seem strange to be mostly shut-ins (even though we did go to SFe in September and early December-quarantining along the way), but are much better off than most seniors, especially those in assisted care. So here we are once again. Two houses, can't sell one, so we can move and pondering hauling our stuff back to Texas and/or further downsizing (desperately needed). We'll see what happens.
Steve Kady Humor
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