Remember - The tree lot is the major fund raiser for all club activities. Let's make sure our projects are well funded by signing up to work. It's really important!
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Happy Thanksgiving!  We are having a lot of wind up in Estes Park.  Damaged our weather station wind gauge.  We went out Thanksgiving Day to find a turkey but instead found the elk in the above photos.  This is the elk herd that escaped the fire last week. The head elk dude is in the top photo.  Bottom  photo was taken through our living room window of Kruger Rock where the fire started about 1.6 miles from our house.  You can see some of the charred trees and rock in the center.    Very dry up here.  We know several people that live near the house in the photo who were all under mandatory evacuation.
The wine bottle is calling.
Early Bird President Tom Kramer  clad in a bright designer Christmas jacket and matching socks gaveled the post Thanksgiving crowd to attention and brought the meeting to life at 6:59 am.

Gary Strowbridge presented a thoughtful invocation reminding everyone to “recognize and transcend misgivings and sufferings into a greater power of good and blessings to all.” The Pledge of Allegiance followed. We were treated to delicious green chili breakfast burritos, generous fresh fruit cups and danish.
Presidents Recap: A great deal has transpired at the Tree lot since our last meeting..
Over 2000 trees have been delivered in 3 truckloads beginning last Saturday morning at 7:30 am. A small army of volunteers worked long and hard the entire day. The 1st wave of worker bees unloading 850 trees consisted of Greg Holt and Robert Wardlaw (in the trailer pulling trees), Tom Hoch (counting) and Joe Marci, Kurt Siebold, Eldon Strong, Dave Peck, Dan Rodriguez and Phil Perington. Later 650 & 450 trees showed up and the unloading was fast and energetic thanks to 14 Fire Fighters from Stations #21 & 22 + Club members Henry Schonewise, Dave Peck, Pat Bush, Ken Jeung, Frank Ross, Jeff Wilson, Don Roth, Gary Strowbridge, George  Buzick, Mike Chavez, Cesar Camarena, Casey Funk, John Scarborough, Craig Eley, Bud Black, Mark Metevia & Kent Gloor(Tree drillers deluxe). Mike Webb hooked up the generator. Mike Miller, Cesar and Tom fired up the trailer Heater. Nick Picucci and daughter Angelina,  diligently led the light poles installation. Ed Collins inventoried food and drink supplies with great gusto. Tom Hoch fine tuned the TV and sound system in artfully adept fashion.
Steve Kady skillfully arranged for 2 Porta Johns and Barricades. The dumpster was delivered on time and a large digital street sign identified the Lot. George Buzick, Casey Funk  and Dave Peck repainted the wreath and tree stands in bright green and red.
Russ Paul and Joe Marci delivered a tree on Friday and helped the family set it up in their stand. They received a $40 tip for their assistance. Can anyone top that tip in the coming week?
(Photo by Tom Kramer)
A great group of gals from the Tamarac Club showed up, led by Patty Dutton, Joyce Thompson, Carolyn, and many others. They did a tremendous job pricing and tagging the hundreds of trees. With their help we are able to open up professionally prepared and ready to swing into action.