Sunrise Over Denver Friday November 20,2020
Another mild and dry morning as we all gather remotely.  President Dan Rodriquez rings the bell at 7.  The friendly voice tells us it’s 7 on this Friday.  Karl Geil gives the invocation this morning.  Dear Lord, we have some trying times with us which is impacting all areas of our lives.  Hopefully this will change soon but for now we do what we can.  Give us the strength to continue to do these things for the children of our community which we believe is part of your work.  Thank you for this day and give us the will to continue on and help our youth.
Do we have any guests?  We do have a new member we would like to induct this morning.  Jeff Wilson, are you with us?  As soon as he comes on President Dan can get on with the induction. 
Last of the "Meet and Greets"
Six hearty holdouts enjoy the last breath of Summer (November 18) at the Cafe' de Paris. Covid and the weather have brought an end to these confabs, at least until Spring. Shown are Tom Glazier, alias The Organizer, Donlie Smith, Phil Purington, Dr. Bob Finkelmeier, Pat Bush. Not shown but also present, George Buzick
DPD OFFICER AARON BOTTS of the Traffic Bureau was the final officer to be presented our Respect For Law award for the 2019-2020 Optimist year. Officer Botts is assigned to the Traffic Bureau and is apart of their DUI Team. He is active in community outreach, attends regular MADD events and speaks to offenders from the heart so they can understand and internalize the lasting impacts of substance-impaired driving. 
He continues to go above and beyond for his community by engaging in Denver's Camp POSTCARD summer programs which pairs kids with officers as youth counselors, thus creating positive bonds and teaching important life lessons to include optimum. 
Shown below are those the selected officers from each of the six Denver Police Department Districts, who were presented their awards earlier this year.  Thanks and Kudos to Steve Kady, who did an excellent job of running our Respect for Law program this year!
District 1
Officer Bob Anderson
District 2
Officer William Bohn
District 3
Officer Sean Lewis
District 4
Officer Raul Silvas
District 5
Officer Myron Alexander
District 6
Sergeant Brian Conover
Boys and Girl Club Thanksgiving Meals
(From Michael Chavez)
Hello  Optimists,
We had a fantastic turn out for our Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets. It felt good to work on a project again.  The Boys & Girls Club picked up their  baskets at the Safeway, while Noel Hasselgren and I delivered to Girls Inc. To my surprise the Safeway Manager had all the baskets prepare so all we had to do was load them on to the truck. The Boys and Girls Baskets will be delivered to 8 clubs in the metro area. All together we had 100 baskets. I would like to recognize the following volunteers for their participation in loading the truck.
Noel Hasselgren, Brian Williams, Mike White, Mark Smith, Jon Wachter, Joe Marci, Bill Blunden, George Buzick, Jim Easton, Tom Hoch, Tom Kramis, Tom Mauro, Ed Leuty, Dick Nickoloff, Russ Paul,  Don Roth, Henry Schonewise  and special thank you to Greg Young for printing the inserts. I apologize If I left anyone out it was hard to identify everyone with the masks on.
This shows that even in a mist of an pandemic we can still make a difference in our community.  
Community Thanksgiving Baskets
Here Turkey Turkey!  Having packed 100 boxes for delivery to Boys and Girls Clubs on Friday, once again, in the spirit of giving, the men of MSOC showed up Saturday morning to deliver  baskets to those in need.  Although the names of all the volunteers were not known at press time, the efforts of all were greatly appreciated by Allen Pierce and Jim Easton, who were the prime movers of this event!
Ready to Deliver
Safeway Parking Lot
Turkeys ready to go!
 Karl Geil has an announcement, The Brain Bowl is going to be held in a virtual format this year.  The bugs are still being worked out, and the committee is trying to work out the kinks before going live.  They are trying different formats to see which might work best.  They are looking for volunteers who can help portray the “teams” and a volunteer who can work as score keeper.  Help them figure out how best they can work with this new reality.
Tom Mauro has a couple announcements.  Bob Avery on his own accord attended Tom’s grandson’s eagle scout ceremony recently and Tom is grateful for his being there.  This past week Tom played a round of golf at Aurora Hills GC and broke 90.  A surprisingly small percentage of golfers ever achieve this feat.  Bob Avery announces congratulations to Tom’s grandson for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.
Frank Middleton asks who is the only store in Denver that gives our club a donation every time you shop there?  All you need to do is call King Soopers and sign up.  Call 800-576-4377,  Press 3 and tell them which store you shop at, and you’re done.  The only thing left is to shop and allow the club to reap part of the total.
Andy Towt reports on Dime A Day, please send checks to Andy for this program.  We need to make sure Monaco South is credited for donations raised. Checks should be made payable to the OI Foundation.
November is Diabetes Month- Ron Gustas thanked Monaco South members who have generously donated to the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) virtual 2020 fundraising walk which occurred on November 1st. To date the virtual walk has raised over $271,000. Donations were made by OCMS members to both Ron’s Granddaughter Ellie’s walk team (Ellie’s Diabetes Busters) or to the Type 1 Diabetes Optimist Committee team. Ellie’s team raised over $7,500 greatly helped by a very generous recent anonymous donation which triggered a matching donation amount.
November as Diabetes Month and November 14th as World Diabetes Day highlight the worsening epidemic in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and recognize the co-discovery of insulin by Dr. Frederick Banting in 1921.
Donations can still be made to either team at:
  1. Granddaughter Ellie’s Team
  2. The Type 1 Diabetes Optimist Team
Thanks for helping those impacted by diabetes of either type.

Joe Marci announces the Jr Golf group are meeting this morning to determine dates, locations for tournaments for 2021. Note from Bob Finkelmeier for MSOC Golfers:
We’ve had much discussion on why we have 18 holes on a golf course, particularly when we are playing poorly, so here you have it.
True story! Years ago the Denver manager of parks and recreation wanted to expand the parking areas for the zoo and the natural history museum and actually suggested eliminating two holes of the City Park Golf Course just across 23rd and pave them for parking. She didn't see a problem with a 16-hole course. "You could play a round faster." At the time there were 8 of the 13 members of the City Council who were avid golfers.

Update on members we haven’t seen at meetings recently:  Tom Mauro spoke to Donlie Smith recently and Donlie is doing fine.  Joe Marci says Ron Cisco is doing well but doesn’t feel comfortable with zoom format.  
a.m. Wednesday November 25.  All hands on deck!
Tom Kramis needs more people to sign up to work for shifts you can work at the Tree Lot.  There will be 2 shifts during the day to work.  We are having the drive through and on-line tree sales.  Dan Rodriguez has graciously donated signage to direct customers on how to do this, once at the lot.  Tuesday morning November 23 for set up, if you can help please show up. Please sign up to work at
How to Cook a Turkey
Jason Ganahl is our guest speaker this morning.  He is the founder of GQue-BBQ and Ice Cream Farm and likes to compete in BBQ competition.  Jason also won the third place at the largest BBQ competition in the country.  He is married and has 4 children, and lives in Lone Tree.
Jason tells us he is a social person and really likes to interact with people, so ZOOM is a challenge.  He wants to talk about Thanksgiving prep.  One of his least favorable proteins to work with is turkey.  He likes cooking chicken and beef better than the turkey.  As Americans, we like food that makes us feel good.  The Thanksgiving meal is probably the most iconic meal that we have, instantly taking us back to great times with family and friends.
As for the turkey itself, most are purchased frozen.  Jason recommends getting your bird this weekend, giving it time to thaw properly. Turkey also is one of the most dangerous foods Americans eat, for food borne illnesses.  Give the turkey 5 days to thaw in the refrigerator for best results.  Brining does help it stay moist, giving you a bigger cushion on when to bring it out of the oven.  Now a days brining has been added for you and the turkeys are being chemically enhanced, so this is an unnecessary step.  Feeling adventurous?  Spatchcock, use a pair of heavy duty scissors to cut out the breast plate and this helps the bird cook more evenly and cut down the time needed to cook the bird.  If you have a convection oven you need to have the convection on to cook the bird more evenly.  If not the bird can cook unevenly.  Get a real thermometer, and cook the bird to 165 degrees.  Jason reports that some person in US Agriculture determined that 165 was the proper temp to cook it, so it may not be optimal.  He tells us that 140 degrees and let it sit for half an hour to continue cooking, will give you the most flavorful turkey.  He never advises cooking less than 140, and the time to sit is key.  He pulls out his turkey at 140, and uses the spatchcock method.  The bird will be flavorful and moist.
He also recommends using 2 large ziplock bags filled with ice to keep the breasts cool while the rest of the bird warms during preparation is a great trick to keep the bird at a uniform temperature.  Stuffing: Jason recommends using favorite bbq rub, or your favorite seasonings on the stuffing.  Thyme, rosemary, and poultry spices.  Crispy skin tastes better, so don’t baste.  Gravy makes everything better (yes!).  All of your drippings gather in a pan, the fat will separate from non fat.  Equal amounts fat, and flour, and you will use temperature to cook out all the flour favor.  Cook it over medium heat and it will reduce the flavor of the flour.  The texture of it also gives it the pleasure of eating. 
Bill Litchfield asks about the rue.  Jason suggests 8-10 minutes, and go for a dark caramel color.  What about weber cooking, and throwing an apple or onion in the cavity?  Jason recommends putting the apple or onion in the pan that collects the drippings.  Jason also says use real butter, and apply it in between the skin and the meat and will give you an increased flavor of the bird.  Do everything you can to keep the moist in the bird.  Jason says don’t put the stuffing in the bird, that takes the moist out of the bird, while also not letting the air flow freely to cook evenly.  Stuffing is delicious no matter what.  When you put it in the bird all of the air flow gets interrupted and dry out the entire bird – so don’t do it.  400-450 is a good temp to cook the bird, cook it fast.  When you spatchcock, it cuts down the cooking in half.  Always use a thermometer and not time to cook the bird best.  Cut out the spine, open it up and push down on the breast plate.  Fried turkey is also good.  Jason reports that Costco is the best place to get meat.  Go on the website for some great coupons.  What a great presentation.  Thank you Jason!
Editors note:  members are reminded that meetings are not the place for political commentary.  Current times being what they are, those comments are best saved for another venue.  Were present day circumstances not so unbelievable they might be funny.  All that and the pandemic soars.  One would think that would be enough to keep those in power focused on keeping Americans safe.  Be well and stay safe.
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anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.
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