Guanella Pass in Colorado is full of yellow aspen trees and green pines
A beautiful fall morning welcomes the gathered for today’s meeting.  Al Gapuzan greets us all with our own chance to sign up to be greeters at future meetings.  This is a great way for new members to meet new people and for existing members to renew acquaintances. 
New President Tom Kramis takes the mic as his first official meeting as club president, begins.  We also have the chance to thank outgoing club President Dan Rodriquez for his work during the past year. Pat Bush gives the invocation, reminding us to to take the words of the Optimist Creed to heart and adopt Optimism as a philosophy of life.
Kent Gloor introduced his son=in-law, Matt Nelson as a new member of the club. Apparently Matt was previously a member of the club and decided to rejoin. Welcome back to Matt. Jim Swenson who has been Frank Middleton's guest several times has also submitted his application. Welcome to Jim!
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Optimist Junior Tour event at Green Valley Ranch the Oct 16 – 17 weekend.  There will be about 85 junior golfers.
We need volunteers for ball spotters.
9:00 – 9:30 am shotgun, depending on frost delay.            
Coffee and donuts starting around 7 am.
Saturday play should be completed before 3 pm.  Sunday awards ceremony will be 3:30’is
Phil Perington reminds all past presidents to bring their blue jackets to the installation banquet tomorow.
Tom Mauro is putting together the new directory and asks any new members to please get their personal information into the roster.  For those who wish to have a new picture taken or have changed any details, to have that included.  The chance to have your business card advertised is also available for $25.
Tom Hoch tells us that Steve Kady had a knee replaced and is recuperating.  Steve has lost 35 lbs. in in preparation of the procedure.  Steve will accept phone calls and personal visits as his condition allows.
Joe Marci tells us that Most Precious Blood recently held its first in person, Super Citizen assembly and it was great to be back.  One lucky recipient had eight family members in attendance celebrating the award.   Joe has worked with MPB for many years and is looking forward to the new school year.(Photos by Greg Young)
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Michael Chavez was notified recently that Food Bank of the Rockies won’t be able to help with the cooking for the Boys and Girls Club Thanksgiving Dinner this year.  Michael then asks that with Covid still affecting many activities if food baskets, as we had done last year, wouldn’t be the better way to go.  Several members agreed, and it has been decided that this will be the way to go, for this year.
Bob Avery tells us it’s that time of year again and the Pumpkin Patch benefitting Boys Scouts at Belleview and Holly is unloading pumpkins Saturday morning.  Please patronize this for a source for your pumpkin needs
Our speaker this morning is Jon Caldera.  As President of Independence Institute, he has dedicated his professional life to stop bullies who use the coercive power of government to force their values on those who don’t share them, and to take from others.
Jon is the Sunday editorial columnist for The Denver Gazette, The Colorado Springs Gazette, and Colorado Politics. His current affairs television program, Devil’s Advocate with Jon Caldara, airs on Colorado Public Television Channel 12, Friday nights at 8:30. You can hear him hosting radio talk shows on Denver’s 630 KHOW and 850 KOA.
Jon has worked at the Independence Institute for over 35 years.  According to the group’s website:  A central role of an effective think tank is to produce quality research and analysis. Since 1985, we have provided research resulting in changes in law and policy. But we have never been content with just research. We are more than a think tank. We are an “action tank.” We put our ideas into action through groundbreaking litigation, coalition building, work on ballot initiatives, new media and investigative reporting. We don’t just fight on paper. We fight for freedom on the streets, in the statehouse, in the media, on the ballot, and in the courts.
Jon tells us about his father, who grew up in the Bronx and working his way up the ladder at IBM looking to move his family west.  That goal was realized with RCA Corp and the elder Caldera found the land to be a magical place where a person could make a place for his family with hard work and some ingenuity.  In Jon’s view, the state has moved to the left.  He maintains that this spirit would be best served in Wyoming or Texas.  He notes that as the state of Colorado’s population has grown, the largest numbers hail from California, New York and Illinois.  Jon sees some residents of our state as depending on the government to make decisions for them.  He notes that there are some 5000 local and state government bodies that have the ability to levy taxes or fees on its residents.  Colorado is in the upper level of amount of taxes it imposes on its citizens.  In Colorado, the Tax Payers Bill of Rights was passed is 1992.  The TABOR Amendment, limits the amount of revenue the State of Colorado can retain and spend.1  Specifically, TABOR allows the state to retain and spend an amount based on the prior fiscal year's actual revenue or limit, whichever was lower, grown by Colorado inflation and population growth and adjusted for any "voter-approved revenue changes."   
He likens the State Budget to a whiskey barrel, and if filled too much, the spill over is the amount of refund tax payers receive.  The fees could be seen as a spigot at the bottom of the barrel that drains funds from the barrel.  Another issue he points to is that 2/3 of the state government is run by those not elected by voters.  The Independence Institute works to lower the tax rate residents are asked to pay. 
Ron Cisco Checks the deck to make sure there are 53 cards
Do we have a drawing?  Yes, and there is $20 in the pot.  7 of Clubs is the lucky card, and there are 53 cards to choose from.  Those with matching numbers include Joe Marci, Tom Hoch, Jack Kleinheksel, Mike Chavez, Jack Kleinheksel for a 2nd cup.  Oscar Sorenson picks a card along with Mike White (no money!)
Annual Monaco South Optimist Installation and Awards Luncheon
(Editor Note - Thanks to reporter Phil Perington)
The 2020-21 Annual Monaco South Optimist Installation and Awards Luncheon was a wonderful and delightful  standing room only affair. After a  tedious  year of COVID transformation and resurrection it was obvious Monaco South had successfully transcended all the roadblocks and complications faced, in magnificent style.  Attendance over last year was up 50% with family, friends, wives and District folks all joining in the celebration. TJ Choir members led the gathered by singing the national anthem.  Craig Eley delivered an inspirational and heart warming invocation to get things rolling, followed by recognition of Club and District representatives by 2013 President and current Lt. Governor Jon Wachter. Among the attendees were wives of departed members, Ruthie Oss (John) Char St. John (Don), Kathy Sullivan (Pat) and Jeannie Fankhauser (Club Founder Dr. Ed).
Couples included , Tom & Lisa Warrick- Glazier, Ed & Beda Collins, Craig Eley & Cindy, Greg & Diane Young, John Young & Claire Young, Dan & Manon Rodriguez, Tom & Laura Hoch, Dr Bob & Bette Finkelmeier and  Perry & Debbie Allen. President Elect Tom Kramis was joined by his two sons Cooper and Chase as well. Other guests were present. Gary Miller & Donlie Smith were remembered and honored by President Dan, including a  recap of yearly activities as reported in GUMS by Editor in Chief George Buzick. Michael Chavez, Tom Mauro , Bill Morgan, Ron Cisco, Larry Pulaski, Steve Avery, Mike White and many others were among those mentioned. Optimist of the year and Presidents  Awards were presented to Tom Hoch, Steve Kady, and Mark Metevia with the Marlin Kent honorarium to Phil Perington.

& TOM KRAMIS                                                                        PHIL PERINGTON

Keynote Speaker Brad Montgomery was 100%+ on his game, with his touching and fanciful program.

Incoming President Tom Kramis offered an insightful presentation of his background and family involvement in the culinary arts, boating adventures and future college expectations of his sons. His commitment to managing the tree lot was reinforced by a double thumbs up  from Joe Marci (Past manager and chief). District Governor Nicole Powell conducted a professional and seriously humored Installation ceremony that was enjoyed by all.   An always entertaining presentation by 2008-09 Governor George  Buzick, to outgoing President Dan was backed up by a hoard of Blue jacketed Past Presidents all offering up well rounded suggestions and chortling comments. The extra jacket Greg Young had brought along was not needed this year. Phil Perington closed with a big thank you to all and led the Creed.
It was a wonderful gathering filled with optimistic conversation, camaraderie and anticipation for the upcoming year. A big thank-you to V.P. Chris Dunphy, Treasurer Greg Young and 2019-20 President Bob Meyer for their work putting together the Luncheon and re-affirming the excellence in tradition Monaco South continues to provide our Youth and
Community. All in attendance raise to recite the Optimist Creed.  Smiles all around as the meeting is adjourned.  Have a great week and spread the word of Optimism.
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October 1 - Kent Gloor - Energy 101
October 8 - Paul Shamon
October 15 - Jon Caldera -Tax Reform
October 22 - Camaraderie
October 29 - Harry Fegley - Introduction to Model Boat Building
November 5 - Chuck Brasfeild - CEO, Denver Area Council, Boy Scouts of America with future Council President
Christopher Sherry- Chairman, CEO and President of Merrick & Company
Casey Funk - 9/6
Jim Easton -9/12/
Guadalupe (Lupe) Salinas -9/12
Peter Dimond - 9/14/
Frank Middleton - 9/28/
Neil Alderson -9/29/
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Optimist Club of Monaco South 2020-2021 45th Year — Chartered in 1976
                   2020 - 2021 Officers                                      2020 - 2021 Board of Directors
President           Dan Rodriguez    303-521-512           Perry Allen            303-521-3453 
Vice President   Tom Kramis        303-917-5299         Stephen Avery       720-775-7700
Vice President   Chris Dunphy     720-297-3111          George Buzick      303-803-2268
Secretary            Bill Morgan        303-868-4384          Allen Malask         303-726-3700 
Asst. Secretary  Phil Perington    303-832-4578          David Peck            925-890-2531
Treasurer           Pat Bush             720-747-5482          Larry Pulaski        303-956-1202 
Asst. Treasurer Greg Young         303-759-3921          Mark Smith           303-691-9766 
                                                                                        Bob Meyer             303-919-4532
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John Oss 2014-15
Michael Chavez 2015-16
Craig Eley 2016-17
Jim Easton 2017-18
Everett Gardner 2018-19
Bob Meyer 2019-20
T H E O P T I M I S T C R E E D — Promise Yourself . . . To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet. To make all your friends feel that there is something in them. To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best. To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile. To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. To be too large for worry, too noble for
anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.