• Mission Statement. By providing hope and positive vision, Optimists bring out the best in youth, our communities and ourselves.
  • Vision Statement. Optimist International will be recognized worldwide as the premier volunteer organization that values all children and helps them develop to their full potential.
(Editor's Note) For those of you who missed it earlier, here is link to Christmas Tree Lot video from Tom Hoch:
New member Matt Dollarhide joined up with seasoned wise owl Tom Glazier and were merrily greeting a gaggle of early birds and late arrivals. Meanwhile Frank Middleton was handing out a playing card for designated table seating placement. What a great way to mix it up with members and “new seating pals.”
Bob Avery arriving quite early this morning was getting a jump on attendance while diligently updating the membership roster. Dr. Bob “Peaches” Finkelmeier was enjoying banter & brisk ticket sales. Noel Hasselgren was busy making change for the $6 continental breakfast takers. Of note, Noel returned his $20 Raffle ticket refund to the club. Atta boy!! More than one way to win. Speaking of the money roundup... Pat Bush was gleefully passing out invoices to all those who have yet to pay their dues. He was a busy guy. Russ Paul returning from his recent stay at the VA was in good spirits, greeting everyone and chowing down on the good grub. We had quite a group of fellas including Harry Fegley, Carl Brown, Greg Hurd & Craig Eley all wearing burgundy shirts and sharing secret handshakes.
George Buzick proudly announced, “I’m here” Mike Chavez in his bright yellow shirt high-fived and said congratulations. Jim Easton and Josh LiPuma were sitting at a wall table watching the room while grinning and enjoying the action. Larry Pulaski was truly enjoying his afterglow as past president.
Invocation lead by Greg Holt, “Giver of life may whatever we create belong to our youth and those who come before us. Grant us the time, energy & optimism to aid in the development of our youth. We strive to nurture future generations to prosper, and grant goodwill to all we meet.” The pledge of Allegiance followed with the ever-hopeful cry of Play-Ball!

Stephanie and Jan special needs and student organizations instructors at TJ are here to receive checks as presented by Kent Gloor on behalf of the Club, for their individual groups. Stephanie shares her grandparents were Optimist members. TJ is creating a garden for a teacher who passed away from cancer. The $700 check will be used for that purpose. Also, the Latino Club will receive $200 and the Unified Sports Org will receive $500 for equipment replacement.
Paul Herrick is welcomed and responds by saying he is happy to be here.
ZOOM Attendee: Randy Marcove is sharing camaraderie day with us and looks forward to visiting in the future.
Casey extends his gratitude and thank you to our greeters & guests. He then points out he is wearing a wrist-like playbook given to him by Matt Dollarhide. Omaha! Omaha! And he bravely asks the group a somewhat evocative question…. Is Everybody happy with breakfast?  Comments varied in emotion, fact and humor. He also passed around a stack of handmade thank-you cards from the students of TJ delivered by Stephanie and Jan.
Tom Mauro: Thank you to those bringing in Coats & warm clothing for the 100 Hamilton Families. King Soopers pre-paid cards are also a helpful donation. Please give cash or check to Pat Bush for processing.

Michael Chavez: Presented a check for $750 from the Rockies. Hurrah! He reminded the Thanksgiving dinner is just around the corner Dinner on 11/16. We serve 500-800 Boys and Girls Clubs. Our Food Bank partner will provide all the food and we cover the cost. There is a 4:30 pm start. Bethany Lutheran will assist us again this year. For that we are very grateful. He is looking for assistance in picking up and delivering the prepared food.  Also, Tri-Star Basketball is back on the court again commencing 4/6/24.
Tom Glazier: There is one Monaco South long sleeved large shirt still available.
Bob Avery: The Boy Scouts Pumpkin Patch @S.Holly and E. Bellview needs help unloading the goods.  The money raised is used to help send Scouts to Summer Camp.
SFKCraig Eley pounded on the podium and said opportunity is knocking. 1st Op is helping the Lions Club package and prepare glasses for their annual trip to Mexico. 2nd Op is volunteering for the Santa Haus. 3rd Op is 3 free Optimist shirts he has dieted out of.  4th Op is a new photo opportunity for those looking to improve their look in the directory.
Pat Bush: Show me the money. He has invoices (some with your name on them) There is only 2 weeks remaining to get your $5 discount.
Greg Y2023 Election Day | Polls open at 7 a.m.oung: Who Knows what November the 7th is.  ELECTION DAY. There are sample Ballot issue booklets at the bar for review.
Mark Metevia: Thank you to Bob Avery & Greg Young for the Super Citizen Awards at Holm and Hamilton. There will be a Super Citizen fun-raiser at Samuels with a goal of raising $5x35 students.
Frank Middleton: Gave an update on membership. We have 13 new members but lost 10. He reminded us, EVERYONE is on the membership committee. There was a brief roundtable Q&A based on who do we solicit for new members. It is imperative we all carry Monaco South business cards & have them at the ready for any opportunity that may pop up.
New members: Tom Yagley, Carl Oss, Mike Henniger, Randy Brunz, Roy Olson, Alan Meyer, Davud Eventert, John VanNess, Denny Dressman, Greg Ostrovich, John Gutterman, Randy Condit, David Wassenberger.
Dropped members included: Ron Cisco, Cesar Camereno, Roy Jarett, William McGroarty, Robert Ruhl, Mike Hennessey, Alan Meyer, Steve Wera, Mark Smith, Ryan Mcintosh.
Greg Holt: Delivered a report from the TLC (Tree Lot Committee) detailing preemptive work product, planning and scheduling.  We are way ahead of where we have been in previous years and everyone, Please pay attention the date November 24. Thanksgiving is early this year Nov. 23
Tomorrow we are 5 weeks out from the tree lot set up.
And 6 weeks from today the Tree lot opens.
Nine guys showed up to refurbish tree stands and Santa Haus. Shown here, left to right:
Tom Kramis, Tom Glazier & Mark Metevia, Mathew Dollarhide, Greg Holt. Not shown:
Andy Towt, Pat Bush, Greg Holt, Al Gapuzan , Allan Malask. (Photos by Andy Towt)
John Youngquist: Candidate for the School Board gave a quick but lengthy overview of his candidacy. He is a former principal of East High School. It was noted Monaco South has  supported the East High Constitutional Scholars program for 30 years. He is a SE Denver Kid who attended Rosedale and Merrill JHS. Graduated from TJ n 1984. His Father is a Minister at Christ Church.  He is a CU grad and has been an educator for 35years, serving as a principal for 18 of those 35 years. His creed is to Understand your kids and the community.  We must all unite around a value of service and optimism for the benefit of schools on all levels. Integrity, Equity, Synergy is key.
On Safety issues:  we don’t do a good job in the schools. We have been failing the past few years. In 2020 John helped author a Letter to keep officers in schools, signed by 17 administrators and teachers. It was rejected and 3 years later disaster. Student Mental Health must be better addressed. There has been a marked increase in student suicides. Without a Transparent and functional system of administration, schools will continue to suffer. Nobody knows what DPS does or how over $1.3 billion is spent every year in the 90,000-student district. It is appalling and inexcusable. DEI (diversity-equity-inclusion) is a continuing unanswered issue and must be more clearly defined.
 School Board members must learn how to communicate & better understand different opinions and positions. Listen 1st talk later. More work is needed upfront for work developing successful relationships. The current conundrum facing everyone in the district is that the City Council v. School Board is a festering roadblock. Good luck John. We wish you well.
Is there a drawing? $20-Jack of Clubs
CUP WINNERS: Joe Marci-Dave Peck-Robert Wardlaw-Tom Glazier- Karl Geil (2)
Drawing: Pat Bush-Nope Matt Dollarhide-Sorry Charlie
Chips and Name-tag: Frank Middleton-Not Today
President Casey gives a big Thank you to everyone for for visiting and leads in reciting the Creed.
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anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.