President Dan Rodriguez rang the Zoom meeting to order and asked Board Member Tom Kramis to provide the invocation which had to do with talking "Health, Happiness and Prosperity to person you meet." 
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Board Meeting
Dan gave a brief overview of the Board Meeting, which was held last night. The main topic of discussion was the possible return to the American Legion hall.  For the initial meeting there would be coffee, but probably no food, since the kitchen is not open.  There was some discussion about bringing in our own food, but no decision has been reached at this time.  Phil Perington has been in touch with the VFW and a walk through of the facility is scheduled for March 24 at 2:00 p.m.  If you would like to attend the walk through, please contact Phil by e-mail ( or by phone(303-832-4578).  First in-person meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 16.  Pat Bush asked if we were going to require "proof of Vaccination". No decision has been made at this time. More to follow in future GUMS.
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Nomination Committee
The 2021-2022 Nominating Committee will be making phone calls over the next few weeks to identify the slate of officers who will become our 2021-2022 Officers and Board of Directors. Please consider what position is perfect for you and let Joe Marci and our committee know that you are ready and willing to serve in 2021-2022. Anyone who wants to be on the Committee making calls should let Joe know asap. Please contact Joe if you can help with this important task. (303-847-7844)
Rockies baseball tickets are available behind home plate in section 131. Anyone wanting to attend games this season can send your requests for games to Joe Marci. He is able to get 8 tickets per game. Cost per game changes from series to series.
Essay Contest
Jack Kleinheksel said that the essay judge were the final phase of judging essays written by Thomas Jefferson students. Phil Perington added that response was good throughout the District and that there were some really good essays already submitted.
Member News
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This note from Donlie Smith after reading last week's GUMS: Hello MONACO SOUTH Optimists, I am now looking forward to see you-all at our meetings at the American Legion this Spring!!!  To update you I will begin by saying I will start home Dialysis next week, termed Peritoneal Dialysis.  I have had a "catheter implanted in my stomach" which is used to pump fluid in and out while I am sleeping.  This replaces my kidney function.  This will happen every night for  8 hours!  The doctor tells me I should  be regaining my strength in a couple of weeks which is great news!!  MY BEST WISHES TO ALL!!! 
(Someone suggested that maybe we could pick up Donlie and take him to Panera, which he enjoys and also pick him for in-person meeting (when they start).
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Tom Kramer said he had been helping Oscar Sorensen get his house squared away. Tom also said that Oscar's daughter is taking good care of him, but he would probably enjoy a phone call from MSOC members.
Choose Happiness
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Lt. Governor of Zone 5, our own Jon Wachter reminded us of the "Choose Happiness" program. This program is for kids 11 and under and involves doing a YouTube video and submitting it directly to OI.  There is no judging on the club or district level.  For details see the website:  http://at

Steve Kady introduced our two speakers for today.  Jessie Danielson is a Colorado State Senator representing District 20 in Jefferson County.  Randy Kady is the son of Steve, who was a primary witness for a bill introduced by Senator Danielson.

Danielson is a resident of Wheat Ridge. She was born in Greeley and was raised on her family's farm near Ault, graduating from Highland High School. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder. Her work experience includes America Votes working on election strategy and public policy, NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado as Political Director, and an independent living center that assists the disabled in living independently.

Danielson is a former chair of the board of directors for Emerge Colorado and a former board member of both NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado and ProgressNow Colorado. She has served as a gubernatorial appointee on both the Colorado Commission on Aging and the Voter Access and Modernized Elections Commission.

Senator Danielson is a prime sponsor of SB21088 -Child Sexual Abuse Accountability Act concerning establishing a civil cause of action for sexual misconduct against a minor. The bill creates a statutory cause of action for a victim of sexual misconduct when the victim was a minor against the actor who committed the sexual misconduct and against an organization that operates or manages a youth program if the sexual misconduct occurred while the victim was participating in a youth program.

The victim may bring the claim against the organization if the organization knew or should have known of a risk of sexual misconduct against minors participating in the program and the organization did not take action to address the risks or warn participants of the risk. The victim may bring a claim against a public employee or public entity that operates a youth program, including an educational entity operating an educational program or a district preschool program.

The cause of action applies retroactively and is available to a victim of sexual misconduct that occurred before, on, or after January 1, 2022. A person may not waive the right to bring a civil action, and any purported waiver is void as against public policy.

A court or jury shall not allocate any damages awarded in the civil action in any proportion against the victim of the sexual misconduct. A victim may be awarded treble damages under certain circumstances.

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In addition, Senator Danielson is prime sponsor of another, related bill - SB21-073 -Civil Action Statute of Limitations Sexual Assault - Concerning changing the statute of limitations applicable to civil actions alleging sexual misconduct for which the statute of limitations has not yet run as of January 1, 2022. Under existing law, the statute of limitations to bring a civil claim based on sexual assault or a sexual offense against a child is 6 years, but the statute is tolled when the victim is a person under disability or is in a special relationship with the perpetrator of the assault. The bill defines sexual misconduct and removes the limitation on bringing a civil claim based on sexual misconduct, including derivative claims and claims brought against a person or entity that is not the perpetrator of the sexual misconduct. The statutory period to commence a civil action described in the bill applies to a cause of action that accrues on or after January 1, 2022, or a cause of action accruing prior to January 1, 2022, so long as the applicable statute of limitations has not yet run as of January 1, 2022.

The bill removes the provision that a plaintiff who is a victim of a series of sexual assaults does not need to establish which act in the series caused the plaintiff's injuries.

Under existing law, the filing of a claim alleging sexual misconduct by a person under disability is deemed a limited waiver of the doctor- or psychologist-patient privilege. The bill eliminates the limited waiver.

Under existing law, a plaintiff who brings a civil action alleging sexual misconduct 15 years or more after the plaintiff turns 18 is limited to recovering only certain damages. The bill eliminates this restriction.

Under existing law, a victim who is a person under disability or is in a special relationship with the perpetrator of the assault may not bring an action against a defendant who is deceased or incapacitated. The bill eliminates this restriction.

Under existing law, a claim for negligence in the practice of medicine that is based on a sexual assault is exempt from the statute of limitations for claims involving sexual assault and instead is subject to the same limitation as any other claim for negligence in the practice of medicine. The bill removes this exemption.


 Rand Kady Testifies before Senate                                    Randy Kady                 (Credit CBS)                                                                                                                                                                            

(Excerpt from article By Patty Nieberg | AP March 11, 2021) 

Randy Kady says he was in first grade when his teacher began molesting him during class. Kady, now 54, says his teacher sat him on his lap to “look over” his work. The teacher slipped his hands down the 7-year-old’s pants while other students at his Aurora, Colorado, elementary school worked at their desks.

Kady remains frustrated that no one told him his rights as a child and that he could’ve sought criminal charges against the teacher for the abuse that led him to have anxiety and trust issues as an adult. But under a new bill that was passed by the Colorado Senate Judiciary committee on Thursday, Kady would be able to file a civil lawsuit against the teacher and the school to seek some form of reparations even though the alleged events occurred more than 40 years ago.

“My parents taught me that ‘stranger danger’ was a man in a van trying to get me in his van with candy, so to think of my own teacher as a monster was not something that was even a concept to me,” Kady told The Associated Press in an interview.

Democratic state Sen. Jessie Danielson sponsored the bill which would allow child sexual assault survivors to file civil lawsuits against perpetrators no matter how much time has passed since the alleged abuse.

“We have a new opportunity here to provide these survivors with a new found action, a path forward for the first time ever to be able to hold their abusers accountable and the institutions that covered it up,” Danielson told the committee. Thursday's 4-1 vote sent the bill to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

The bill's goal to eliminate the statute of limitations for sexual assault victims is part of a nationwide push to reassess laws governing the topic. Many states in the last 10 to 15 years have overhauled criminal and civil statutes of limitations, but only a handful, such as California, Delaware, Hawaii and Minnesota, have created “lookback windows” for lawsuits — meaning previous statutes will not apply to victims coming forward with past sexual assault cases.

In Colorado, the statute of limitations currently allows victims six years after they turn 18 to bring any legal action.

Those opposing the bill argued that it would create new legal obligations on past actions, something that the state Supreme Court has decided is unconstitutional, said Richard Collins, a law professor from the University of Colorado in Boulder who testified.

Mark Behrens, a lawyer representing the American Tort Reform Association, argued that the passage of time complicates pursuing civil cases since documents may not exist and the people involved may no longer be alive — further challenging the possibility of a fair trial.

The bill would allow victims to bring action against youth organizations and public entities if the misconduct occurred while the child was under their supervision. It also aims to override state laws prohibiting such actions against public employees and public organizations. Claims could be made against an entity if officials knew about sexual misconduct against minors and no action was taken.

Kady, who testified in support of the bill, said that while it won’t stop sexual molestation from happening, he believes it will create more accountability for institutions faced with the possibility of paying millions of dollars in damages.

He added: “A lot of companies, a lot of organizations, the bottom line is money. And if their bottom line is hurt then they’re gone. You gotta hit them where they hurt."

Multiple parents complained to the principal about Kady's teacher's behavior but the principal and assistant superintendent told parents they were not going to involve the police, Kady said. The teacher was allowed to resign for “personal reasons” and promised he’d seek medical help, according to Kady.

Though Kady didn’t report the abuse, one parent did and the teacher pleaded guilty to one count of sexual abuse. His sentence was suspended and he was given three years of probation under the condition that he would seek mental health treatment, according to court records.

As an adult, Kady says he still has issues with people in positions of power because of the childhood incident. It also made him overprotective of his own children.

“This is something that I have to live with for an entire lifetime,” Kady said. “I have to live with it till the day I die.”

For an excellent overview of this subject go to:


Mark Smith recited the Creed and the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 a.m.

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