Today was the 1st time since 1864 that 5 planets have aligned and could clearly be just before the early morning dawn. The event was showcased under the light of the 1st Quarter moon. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were in a  perfect row for view. The two brightest planets were Venus and Jupiter. This alignment is a time of great fortune if one is so inclined to believe in such things.
Greeters today: Jon Wachter and Mario Sani.  Breakfast was a delicious offering of Scrambled eggs, deluxe French Toast, generous portions of link sausage and rashers of thick sliced bacon, fresh fruit and juice and the bottomless urn of fresh brewed coffee.
Joining on ZOOM: Greg (Choo-Choo) Hurd, Keith Gallaway, Andy Towt and Karl Geil.
Invocation presented by Jon Wachter.. “Giving thanks and honor to those who have come and gone before us and blessings to all with whom we share our optimism.”
Past President Jim Easton greeted and brought forward three members whom he had sponsored.  Allen Pierce, Tracey Sorensen, whom we have not seen for a while. and Josh LiPuma, We all enjoyed a moment of camaraderie & appreciation.
President Tom Kramis announced the Brent’s place Pancake breakfast is back in action and was pleased to share Past President Paul Bernard will once again be energizing the great event. The Tamarac Ladies are also a part of the breakfast and will be there in full force. He will be attending the O.I. Convention and represent the Club with our 12 votes to vote in the affirmative for the dues increase proposal. His Mother has been afflicted with COVID and is on a ventilator. Tom is flying to Reno to be by her side on Saturday morning.
Frank Middleton introduced newer member Jim Swenson and asked him to share his thoughts as to why he decided to join Monaco South. It was a refreshing moment and he said it all began with a heartfelt request from Frank. The moral of the story… “JUST ASK!” Thank you, Jim, for your wonderful decision to become a part of our Club and the camaraderie we share helping and serving Youth.
Michael Chavez reminded everyone the MS-150 is Sunday in Longmont and was busy passing around maps. He also was circulating a Get-well card for Al Gapuzan.
Phil Perington reports that ticket sales at the end of the meeting stand at 126 out of 525 (We are 25% of the way to our goal of 525.) The Drawing is August 19th which leaves 56 days to sell the remaining lucky tickets. !st Prize is $2,500 2nd Prize is $1,000 and there are 15 third place prizes for $100. Last year We sold out last the day before the drawing. All proceeds go into our Youth Service Programs
Past Colorado/Wyoming Optimist Governor Hank Wyeno (1999-2000), introduced by Speaker Chair, Mark Metevia, produced a powerful program detailing the internment of Japanese Americans in 10 camps across the USA. 125,000 American citizens were imprisoned during this despicable time. Between 1942 and 1945, the United States government incarcerated more than 10,000 Japanese Americans at the Granada Relocation Center, an internment camp in southeastern Colorado (near Holly), that was also known as Amache. 
 To add insult to injury, Hank noted the Army 442nd infantry Division composed of Japanese Americans produced 19 Medal of Honor recipients.  For those serving in the Pacific, so as not to be confused as the enemy, each Japanese American serviceman was accompanied by a “regular” American soldier.  It was a time of great shame for America.  The program ended with a powerful version of the song “You Lift Me Up To More Than I Can Be”.
Old green building at the site of the former Granada Relocation Center in ColoradoToday, Amache is mostly barren grassland dotted with crumbling foundations and a few historic buildings and replicas. Almost 80 years after the end of World War II, the site is finally receiving federal protection. Per a statement from the Department of the Interior, a law signed by President Joe Biden on March 18 designates the former relocation center as part of the National Park System (NPS). Thank you, Hank, for reminding us that we can never let this happen again. 
Dr. Bob: “Is there a Drawing?” 8 of Hearts $50 in the Pot
Cups (2) Josh LiPuma tickets carried by Greg Holt, Gary Strowbridge, Jack Klienheksel, Mark Metiva, Allen Malask
Draw: George Buzick and Mike McMahon No winners
Chips: Dick  Nickoloff  Nope
Creed: Led by the Whole Room in loud unison.

Tom Mauro thanked everyone who attended Oscar Sorensen’s Memorial Service at Ft. Logan on Thursday and committed to wearing Oscar's badge to all future meetings, in memory of our lost and beloved brother.
Following is text of the tribute to Oscar and Pat Sorensen which Tom Mauro read after the ceremony at Fort Logan Cemetery, which was attended by 20+ MSOC members:
Oscar and Pat Sorensen Remembrances
June 23, 2022
The Mauro-Sunahara-Rios Family misses Oscar and Pat Sorensen.  They were among our best friends over the past five decades.  We think of them as stars in the universe that provide light wherever and to whomever they met.  As we know from the Hubell and Webb telescopes, we are just now seeing the light from the beginning of the universe over 4 billion years ago and that light and Oscar’s and Pat’s never dies.
Joie and Pat first met when Amy and Julie went to kindergarten, and I met Oscar shortly after that as a result.
The Sorensens were probably our closest friends during the times our children were in school together at Whiteman and Hallett during bussing and then at Holm, Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson, and at CU.
Andrea says, “The Sorensen's were really like second parents. We would go down to their house all the time - many times a week. If we ever couldn't find my parents, they were at the Sorensens.  If our dog, Scooby, got out, even he was at the Sorensen's.”
Andrea bought her first car from Mr. Sorensen because he was selling his. Besides Pinky, our Dad's 1956 pink Pontiac Chieftain, I thought Mr S.'s car was so cool and felt so cool driving it and thought he was so cool for selling it to us. It was a robin's egg blue "77 Mercedes Benz.
We all were involved in Odyssey of the Mind or now Destination Imagination.  Julie, Amy, and Andrea were all on teams at Holm, Hamilton, and TJ and their teams won nine state championships, one world title, and never finished in less than the top 10.  The Sorensens were with us on all those trips to the World Finals in Arizona, Maryland, Tennessee, Florida, and Iowa.  Oscar became a coach, and then a state judge, and then a World judge.  He always gave freely of his time, his talent, and his treasure.  Andrea particularly liked Oscar’s pronunciation of “dinoSour” in one of the challenges.   It would make her team laugh and they would ask him to say it over and over.
In addition to those trips, we took trips to Crested Butte, Steamboat, Vail, Yellowstone, Glenwood Springs, Colorado Springs, and Glacier National Park.  Many of these were Optimist Second Honeymoon weekends. (Put on the Bat Ears). 
The Sorensens taught us Mexican train, and we played Trivial Pursuit with the kids.  Oscar had memorable sayings for all the games. In Mexican train, Oscar had a saying for every round.  For example, if the 8 domino was in the center of the train, Oscar would say, “8 on the train, 8 on the train or 8 Skate and donate.”
We shared the love of dogs and cats and took care of one another’s dogs when on vacation. Ruffles, Sparky, Scooby, Bosley, Pepper, Blossom, and Biscotti were all great friends.  We consoled each other when any of the animals passed on.
Pat and Joie were best of friends, and we lived just a half block away for years.  Pat was the president of the PTA at Hamilton and TJ and then Joie followed her as president also at Hamilton and TJ.  They were breakfast buddies with other Optimist families such as the Gustas’, Youngs, and Swards. 
Oscar was, of course, my Optimist sponsor, and made sure I knew every aspect of Optimism including all of the projects and the principles of Optimism, which he practiced during his entire life. 
He was involved in Thanksgiving and Christmas Baskets that Amy, Andrea, and Julie delivered every holiday and still do so today, Citizenship, Goblins Calling, MS events, Alzheimer Runs at City Park, etc.   Pat, Oscar, Joie, and I attended every Optimist activity and convention imaginable with our families over the years. 
As a realtor Oscar bought and sold all of our properties as well as others in the club.  He always said if a property did not sell or an offer wasn’t accepted, there was always a better one around the corner. 
Oscar was the reason we started the business card advertising in the Monaco South directory.  Yes, remember how much money you can make?  Yes, that’s right.  $1 million dollars.  And “jumpin, jiminy,” did he love that Christmas tree lot.
When I ran for the school board Oscar was at my side at campaign events and a trusted advisor when I served.  He gave freely of his time campaigning for two bond issues and served on the committees to make sure the bond money was spent on what it was supposed to be spent on.  That money resulted in the first computers in classrooms in the DPS and sorely needed capital improvements throughout the district.  The hours he gave were beyond all measure.
As families we were always together on birthdays and holidays laughing and listening to Oscar tell jokes only as he could.  Joie and Pat canned peaches, and pickles together, and Pat taught Joie how to arrange flowers in the garden.  When Pat could no longer plant her garden, Andrea and Emma planted hers.
When Joie had the pedestal at TJ fall over and smash her foot at a PTSA meeting, Pat nursed her back to health.  When Pat was struck with MS, Joie provided continual support and friendship.
Oscar and I did not agree with each other on all political issues, although we agreed on more than many of you think.  The key ingredient in our relationship was, however, that we listened to each other and each other’s opinion.  My goodness, what a concept.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all spread that concept wherever we go now?
We love and loved the Sorensens.  They made our lives richer, more fun, more exciting, and very optimistic.  We miss them but will never forget them, and we thank you, Julie, for sharing them with us. 
From Bob Meyer:
The Colorado/Wyoming District Optimist Junior Golf District Qualifiers were competed June 15 – 17 at Flatirons and Meadow Hills Golf Courses.  There was a total of 295 junior golfers competing for a total of 73 spots at THE 2022 OPTIMIST to be held July 14 – 29 at Trump National Doral Resort – Miami.
Thanks to the following MSOC members who volunteered at the District Qualifiers:
Sewell Black, Ron Cisco, Tom Hoch, Ken Jeung, Joe Marci, Bob Meyer, Russ Paul
In addition to these MSOC volunteers, we also had volunteers from DTC, Tamarac, Windsor, Gateway, Boulder Breakfast, Boulder Evening, Heather Gardens, and Wheat Ridge Optimist Clubs; members of the Bear Dance Golf Club Ladies’ and Men’s Clubs; and staff and interns from the Colorado Section of the PGA.
 We could not have run these successful District Qualifiers without the enthusiastic support of these fine men and women.
BOYS 10 - 11
NAME                          HOMETOWN              SCORE
           Braydon Ball               Windso                            82
           Jeffrey Chen               Aurora                             83
Judd Nikkel                 Fort Collins                       83
Luke Edwards             Boulder                            86
Parker Hutchison         Denver                            87
Max Music                  Broomfield                       87
Dorro Wilcox               Denver                            87
Eli Dawson                  Windsor                          88
Luke Armstrong           Castle Rock                     89
          Nash Wilmeth               Lone Tree                       91
BOYS 12 – 13
NAME                          HOMETOWN              SCORE
Crew Fitzgerald           Parker                             73
Jayson Mitts                Longmont                        75
Will Sallee                   Loveland                         78
Brayden Destefano      Peyton                             79
Gage Poulsen              Timnath                           80
Sam Skubic                Boulder                            81
Johnny Larzelere         Littleton                           81
Hudson Stutzman        Denver                            81
Collen Todd                 Golden                            82
Ash Edwards               Boulder                           83
BOYS 14 – 15
NAME                          HOMETOWN              SCORE
Gavin Amella              Castle Rock                    68
Jesse Hand                 Littleton                           71
Lincoln Mackay           Evergreen                       75  
Blake Kozlowski          Littleton                           75
Dalton Sisneros          Aurora                             76
Cooper Oatman          Golden                            76
Billy VerStraate           Lone Tree                       76
Clint Summers III        Fort Collins                      77
Jack Brayman             Erie                                  77
Michael Rossman       Aurora                             77
BOYS 16 – 18
NAME                          HOMETOWN              SCORE
Sawyer Klein               Denver                            70
Gavin Crowley            Littleton                           70
Jake Chesler               Firestone                         70
Talan Gover                Lafayette                         71
Miles Atkinson            Timnath                           71
Ethan Rainey              Parker                             72
Kale Parthen               Colorado Springs             72
Dylan Everett              Highlands Ranch             73
Luke Landskov            Arvada                           73
Yusuke Ogi                 Arvada                           73
Ian Hunn                     Fort Collins                    73
Spencer Schlagel        Parker                            73
J T Timmers                Littleton                         73
GIRLS 10 – 12
NAME                          HOMETOWN              SCORE
Maddie Makino           Parker                             84
Scout Fitzgerald         Parker                             84
Iris Felix                    Denver                            85
Tatum Irwin               Golden                            90
Landry Frost              Colorado Springs              91
Aubrey Gonzales        Highlands Ranch               91
           Emma Nguyen           Highlands Ranch              92
GIRLS 13 – 14
NAME                          HOMETOWN              SCORE
Addison Hines             Arvada                            78
Makena Thayer           Edwards                          83
Ashley Chang             Lone Tree                         85
Brynn Balliet              Thornton                          88
Alex Choi                   Thornton                          88
Halahn Lee                 Lone Tree                         89
Aja Blankenship          Highlands Ranch               92
GIRLS 15 – 18
NAME                          HOMETOWN              SCORE
Molly Stratton             Centennial                       78
Isabella Eide               Highlands Ranch              80
Kylee Hughes              Gypsum                          80
Caitlyn Chin                Greenwood Village           81
Brooke Hudson           Parker                             82
Macy Kleve                Windsor                           82
Noelle Thompson        Erie                                 82
Caroline Ryan             Aurora                             83
Ellie Barry                  Fort Collins                      84
Lauren Jaworowski     Colorado Springs              84
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June 29
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Friday July  15. Frank Rowe*,  Denver Park Trust update 
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anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.