The group assembled at the American Legion Hall. (Photos By Craig Eley)
Noel - The Money Man                            Ron Cisco reads the Invocation and Pledge
Early birds Bryce Slaby, Tom Hoch (from Texas), Greg Hurd, George Buzick, were all waiting at 6:45 for the meeting to start.  Greg gave a report from Estes Park that their camera had caught pictures of "Bryce's Mountain Lion" and that it was pretty good size.
Due to a few technical glitches, the first in-person meeting in a long while was kicked off by President Dan Rodriguez ringing the bell. There were 50 members present, 27 on Zoom and 23 in person at the American Legion Hall, Former Distinguished Past Governor of the Colorado/Wyoming District and our own Ron Cisco read the invocation and the pledge.
Scott Pearson Was our guest this morning. Scott is a banker by trade and has a strong interest in Boy Scouts.
Member pictureDan thanked those who helped make this meeting possible, including Phil Perington for maintaining contact with the Legion staff, Larry Pulaski and Steve Avery for setting up the Zoom meeting, Chris Dunphy for arranging for refreshments, Noel Hasselgren for acting as cashier and Tom Kramis for being "The Temperature Check Guy".
President Dan also read a few tidbits of "This Day in History". including:
  • On April 16, 1889, future Hollywood legend Charlie Chaplin is born Charles Spencer Chaplin in London, England.
  • In Basel, Switzerland, in 1943,  Albert Hofmann, a Swiss chemist working at the Sandoz pharmaceutical research laboratory, accidentally consumes LSD-25, a synthetic drug he had created in 1938 as part of his research into the medicinal value of lysergic acid compounds. 
  • From Cape Canaveral, FloridaApollo 16, the fifth of six U.S. lunar landing missions, is successfully launched on its 238,000-mile journey to the moon. On April 20, astronauts John W. Young and Charles M. Duke descended to the lunar surface from Apollo 16,
Bike MS
This year's Bike MS will be a one day ride across northern Colorado, beginning at Front Range Community College in Westminster. There will be a 34mile and a 78 mile route.
Three Monaco South members will be "riding" this race (Bob Avery, Bill Morgan and Kent Gloor) Bill's daughter, Kaitlin will accompany her dad. Although there will be no lunches served this year, our group will be staffing at least one rest station.  The event will be held on Saturday, June 26, beginning at 9:30 a.m. For full details see
May be an image of 4 people and people standingChris Dunphy asked the club members to support Horsepower Colorado in the fund raising effort, Kentucky Derby Days, which will be held Saturday, May 1, in Castle Rock. See their website for further inforation
Joe Marci announced that their were 14 applicants for the 5 Sullivan Scholarships being given this year to Thomas Jefferson High School Students.
Joe also mentioned that Club elections will be held at our April 30 meeting and that the committee is busy finalizing the list of candidates.
As our chief Rockies booster, Joe said that he has tickets available for most games. Check with Joe if interested.(303-847-3748)
Andy Towt, our OI Foundation Representative said that, in spite of the Covid 19, MSOC members have been generous in their gifts to the foundation. Reminding us that there is special recognition given to members who contribute $50 and that a $250 donation gets you membership to the prestigious "Presidents Club", Andy said that Ron Benson, the Colorado/Wyoming Foundation rep will be presenting these awards at a future meeting.
Bob Meyer asked that these links to the Junior Golf Information be made available.  Please see the information of the website, to which they are linked. For further information call Bob (303-919-4532), Ron Cisco (303-794-0749) or Joe Marci (303-847-7844)
Member picture                       MEMBER NEWSMember picture
Mark Metevia and Al Gapuzan visited the Master's Apprentice Program described by our speaker of a few weeks ago, Paul Miller, to see how it actually operates and both were impressed and plan a future visit.
Mark also reported that Jeannie Fankhauser, widow of MSOC founder Dr. Ed Fankhauser is enjoying the living at St. Andrews and is thankful for the continued contact with the club, through various member's communications, including GUMS.
Member picture
Lastly, Mark reported that Peter Dimond had knee surgery last week and spent the week in Spalding Rehabilitation.  He should be home now and would probably appreciate a call.(303-419-1899);
(EDITOR'S NOTE) For those of you who missed last week's GUMS, here is the video to which Greg Hurd is referring.  Greg Young questioned our resident model train expert "Can you do this?" Here is the link to the original.
The Greg Young Optimist Train Music Challenge
I have been challenged again but this time with at least a subject that I enjoy!  So, everyone and Greg Y. here is what happened.
The video did not explain well how to make and run the musical train.  So, I tried the best I could.
First it appears you need a German train with the DB railroad red version of the V-100 diesel, a low side gondola and a goods wagon. Then you need some wine glasses, duct tape and a few tools to set the wine glasses at the proper distance and height. I also needed some things to make my dinger work. Using the right components hopefully will lead to some degree of success. I hate to copy a design but at least I can come up with a copy of the train but in the incorrect gauge. It’s the thought that counts.
The unfair advantage was that a new track and support structure were constructed by the Germans.  Yikes that was not cheap to do.  I see why they used water or was it vodka? Wine certainly has a good ring to it, so I will choose to use it. Considering my limited space and existing constraints of my layout components this was a monumental challenge. I found a spot on my European layout where wine glasses would fit. Got to keep it simple I said.
After assembling the train, I rigged up a dinger that was more simple compared to the German advanced engineered solution. This took a few trial runs to get it to work. I had to be darn careful not to spill the wine as I was getting thirsty. The final version of my dinger is in the photo.
I used MSOC wine glasses as I thought these would accept the challenge as well, giving me at least a chance of success. Plus the wine glasses and I were optimistic that they would not topple over with a passing train. With some trial and error and a little Cabernet, (very little of course) I found that my space allowed only a couple of wine glasses. This will be a short tune.  I am not stumped, at least not yet. I continued to test the set up. Get the camera and wine I declared.  After a couple more glasses of wine I found that if I placed the wine glasses as you see in the photo with precisely the level of wine you see, and I do mean precise, that a ping of the finger produced a good door bell sound.  I call that a short tune of music.  Then I had to experiment with the speed of the train. As you may think, too fast a train might spill the wine, too slow a speed and the train might derail.  Finally, I set the speed at 9.8572 volts on the transformer and bingo, I heard a ding dong when the train passed the glasses!
So there you are.
With this success I shared what was left of the wine with my boss.  I only wished my dinger worked better but you gotta be satisfied with what you have at my age!
Phil Perington, District Essay Contest Chair announced the  2020-21 District Winner, Chase Bellomo. Monaco South sponsored Chase and he will receive the $2,500.00 Scholarship Award for his entry. A big thank you to Club Essay Chair Wyatt McCallie and his trusty Co-Chair Jack Klienheksel for organizing the Club Contest. The panel of judges consisted of Craig Eley, Greg Holt and Don Thomson. They read and evaluated all the essays gathered and submitted by TJ Coordinator Lauren Palek. There were 8 finalists submitted by numerous District Clubs. The list includes Colorado Springs-Academy, Fort Collins and Fort Morgan jointly, Littleton Breakfast, DTC, Arvada-Lake Arbor, Summit Lake Dillon, Westminster and Tamarac (At-Large committee) + Monaco South. There will be a video presentation recorded and produced by Past  Governor Curt Merrill at the 3rd  Quarter Conference on ZOOM. As a note: When Chase selects his college the scholarship funds will be forwarded from O.I. for his exclusive use. Please remember, Scholarship money is generated from Dime-a-Day contributions,  so be sure to get your D-A-D checks to Club Foundation Chair Andy Towt. 
Optimist International - Optimist InternationalToday our sponsored contestant presented her speech, for practice before the CCDHH virtual contest to be held Sunday, April 18th.  Our student is Hannah Rose Tague, a senior at Douglas County High School.  She lives in Castle Rock.  She has a hearing disability but has been able to learn speech and does a great job with her oral presentation.  Hannah plans to attend college and hopes to become a psychologist.  If Hannah places in the top 3, she will present her speech at the District Conference on April 24th. Please plan to attend the Conference and witness some terrific youngsters presenting their winning speeches for CCDHH and also the Oratorical Contest.  Register at: and $10 of your registration will be reimbursed by Greg Young. All registrations and any addition donations you choose to make will go directly to support Junior Golf.
End of First Physical Meeting of the Year at American Legion Hall
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anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.