It’s a clear and crisp morning as we gather in person and remotely. President Dan Rodriquez rings the bell. Tom Kramis gives the invocation this morning. Oh God of our Country, the patriotism of our country. Thinking of ways to make our country a better place to live. Patriotism is when the love of people comes first. Help us to see this and live this ideal.
Friday the 13th, the fear of Friday the 13th is called Paraskevidekatriaphobia. Nearly 8% of Americans have this fear. One of the reasons for this is that it comes after the number 12, which is considered a more “complete” number. (There are 12 months in a year, 12 signs of the Zodiac, and so on). Hence, as 13 exceeds 12 by 1, it is considered a sign of ‘bad luck’. Many hotels refuse to have a 13th room or 13th floor. Ships are not launched on Friday the 13th since The HMS, (a famous 18th century ship) was never heard from again after having been launched on Friday the 13th . Hollywood has even tried to capitalize on this by releasing horror films on this date. 
Tree Lot News
Tom Kramis, Phil Perington, Kent Gloor and Steve Kady (not shown) check out logistics for new tree lot arrangement as dictated by Covid-19 protocols and expected restrictions for tree lot this year.
Tom Kramis gives us an update on the Tree Lot. Tom is working on logistics for the Tree Lot, and even with a drive through option for those who don’t want to get out of their car. There will be 2 four hour shifts available to work for those helping out. Paul Bernard hopes to get out the sign up sheet for this year on Sunday so we can plan for that. Greg Young says we will be sending out the email to those who have purchased trees and we have their email information. Discussion then turns to possible messages sent out for those interested. The club expects to have 400 Trees. This could be sold out entirely via emails. So when the first 400 Trees are sold out, are we anticipating getting more?
Respect for Law Award
President Dan traveled to Denver Police District One located near I70 and Pecos to present our Respect for Law award to Officer Bob Anderson. Officer Anderson is a Community Resource Officer. Through his can-do attitude that is reflective of the Optimist Club Creed, Officer Anderson successfully organized dozens of engagement opportunities that were either virtual or safety distant, making it possible to strengthen and maintain police/community relationships. Congratulations Officer Bob Anderson on a job well done. Thanks to Steve Kady for all his efforts in putting this program together.
Jim Easton is called on to announce re Thanksgiving Baskets. This will happen next Saturday morning at 8, at the Safeway on Monaco and Yale. We need approximately 20+ vehicles to deliver baskets to family. Michael Chavez joins the meeting to tell us the police will be helping us on the delivery. He tells us that we will need help to assemble the baskets, but we do need volunteers so please show up. 
Joe Marci announces that Jr Golf had 127 kids participating at Green Valley Ranch. The Golf Expo will be a virtual event this year and will be held in March. Colorado Rockies have contacted Joe re next season, where they hope to have fans in the stands. Joe thanked everyone for their support this year. There are still several tentative qualifying tournaments scheduled.
Meet and Greet
Tom Glazier announces that there will be a "meet and greet"held at Cafe du Paris (4155 E Jewell Ave) beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday November 18. (It will be inside)
Boys and Girls Clubs Thanksgiving Dinner
Michael Chavez tells us about the Thanksgiving Dinner this year. The Boys & Girls Club will distribute the baskets this year. He will need help putting the baskets together, November 19th at Safeway on Monaco and Yale. He is looking for afternoon help to send to everyone. Look for details to come.
Member News
Allen Malask is live at the meeting this morning and reports he has moved. He is looking for a garage to park his cars. Contact Allen if you have some space.(303)-726-3700
DTC Optimist Club Silent Auction
Since their annual wine tasting event will not be held this year, the DTC club is having an online auction. Proceeds will go to Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund and Shiloh House. The auction will commence on Friday, November 13 and bidding will close  at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday November 22.  Website is 
All About Me
Feature member for the day was Larry Pulaski. Larry is a recent recruit to Monaco South thanks to Bob Meyer.  Larry and Bob were both members of the now defunct Castle Rock Optimist Club. Larry was the charter president.  Larry grew up in Rapid City South Dakota and graduated from the South Dakota School of Mines with a degree in Electrical Engineering.  He worked for the Black Hills Power Company for a few years, then moved to Colorado to work for US West.  He is currently "Principal Engineer" for Charter Communication.  Larry lives in Castle Rock with his wife Ashleigh and their two kids, ages 16 and 18, who both attend Regis High School. Larry and his kids are all both hockey fans and players.  Welcome to Larry and thanks to Bob for sponsoring him.
Congratulations to the listed members for perfect attendance. We need to improve participation in meetings!
 In Person
Bob Avery
Pat Bush
George Buzick
Dr. Bob
Steve Kady
Tom Mauro
Gary Miller
Phil Perington
Craig Eley
Karl Geil
Greg Hurd
Jack Kleinheksel
Joe Marci
Dave Moore
Dick Nickoloff
Don Thomson
Mike White
Tom Kramis
Bill Litchfield
Dan Rodriguez
 Featured Speaker
Pro Players Association (PPA) is comprised of current and former professional athletes, media and entertainment personalities, and associate members who work voluntarily on behalf of the community. Pro Players Association’s goal is to generate funding for worthwhile programs and charities which will benefit the community locally, nationally, and globally. Their mission, simply stated, "Dedication to Serving and Giving Back to the Community", is one proven many times since their incorporation in 2002. Pro Players Association is a non profit 501c3 charity. Our featured speakers today are Gary Adler and Master Felix Claudio. Gary founded Pro Players Association. Gary speaks about PPA, which was founded in 2002 provides community service and his group has worked with Optimists for many years. His group also works with mentoring youth, specifically to learn golf. This is his debut on zoom as a public speaker. The group Gary has been doing fund raising for many years with his association raising over $250 million. Some of the things they do, golf tournaments with the next one coming up in June at Castle Pines. Monies raised go directly to fund research for multiple myeloma. Irv Brown, Jerry Sturm are a couple other names, of which, they have conducted events to raise money. They bring out celebrities, they had 15 Hall of Famers come out and participate, raising money for specific causes. They have also done a celebrity bar tender, where they take over the bar with a celebrity and charge a fee at the door for this experience. Rumble for the Rockies is another event they have put on. And with that, Gary introduces Felix Claudio. Master Felix Claudio started in Martial Arts at age 6, with a Korean instructor. Felix’s mother had become frustrated with her son breaking things around the house, and wanted his energy focused in a more positive manner. Master Felix continued to practice martial arts through his youth and adult life, he has continued this into his adult years. Founder JC Taekwondo and Kickboxing Academy, 1992; Founder Saint Peter's College Collegiate Team; 84', 86', 87', 90', 92' US National's, Gold Medalist; 6th Dan, World Taekwondo Federation; 2018 Vice President of Colorado State Taekwondo Association; 2004 Inductee, USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame; Vice President, NJ Taekwondo Association; US National Tournament Committee; US Olympic Committee Licensed Master Instructor; USA Head Coach, 2000 PSTA Goodwill Games, Bejing, China; Tournament Director, Taekwondo X-Games; Defensive Tactics Instructor, Essex County Police Academy. Retired Douglas County Sheriff Deputy, 2020 (in charge of the motorcycle unit). He became a police officer in Newark NJ, and served in the community for over 20 years. He became a motorcycle officer in 2000, and then a motorcycle instructor in 2005. He now teaches motorcycle riding to civilians, emphasizing high skill and to perform like a police officer. Rumble in the Rockies is a rodeo event on motorcycles, which began in 2019. Hopefully they will be able to have an event this coming year, they had to cancel last year’s event due to COVID. Some of the monies raised go to help kids whose parents have died in the line of duty. Felix enjoys volunteering for events and looks to partner with Optimist clubs for volunteers and opportunities. Gary then speaks regarding volunteers they need. PPA has also helped with the Thanksgiving program with the Salvation Army. Gary Miller asks re former Pro Players who may have done work with the Boy & Girls Clubs locally.
We have a drawing!
$70 in the pot-King of Spades is the card.  Tom Kramis wins the first cup, Kent Gloor also takes a cup. Phil Perington and Bob Avery win cups.  Proving that, if you buy enough tickets, you almost always have your ticket drawn, Phil's number comes up again but, to no avail, as he draws the 3 of Spades.  Pot will go up next week.
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