On this snow covered second Friday of December, President Tom Kramis the meeting to order and asked Craig Eley to read the invocation. After thanking God that Tom Hoch did not "get on my case for starting the meeting late", Craig did an admirable job of starting off the meeting on the right foot.
Our guest today was Matt Gillis - Matt is an arborist who has visited our Christmas Tree lot for the past several years and finally decided to take us up on our offer of a free breakfast.  Welcome Matt!
Member pictureNo good deed goes unpunished - Russ Paul reported that, because he was trying to help a lady who had no place to live by allowing her to stay with him, he had received an eviction notice from his apartment management. Hopefully, a solution can be worked out before this happens. It is reported that Russ has given up his bed to the guest and is sleeping on the couch. Good Luck!
Immediate Past President Dan Rodriguez explained his absence for the past few days on an infection in his leg (which was first thought to be a blood clot).  He is all better now and presented Steve Kady, who was not able to attend the Installation Banquet, with the "Optimist of the Year" award for his assistance to Dan during his presidency.
Craig Eley reminded us that next Friday’s meeting is your opportunity to fob off your old treasures on Club members! Yes, it is the annual White Elephant gift exchange at Monaco South, Friday, December 17. Bring a gift or gifts of stuff that you would like to see put to good use—but by somebody else. It can be electric, eclectic, a record by Queen, something a little obscene, a shirt that looks tacky, some shorts that are khaki, something unused, or something abused, etc. What you bring may be designed to bring more appreciation to the audience than the recipient, but the good news is that you do not have to include a card with your name. It can be wrapped in newspaper (might take an entire issue of the lean Denver Post) or anything you want. And if you forget to bring a gift, don’t worry. We have a bunch of stuff left behind after the last White Elephant, so come and enjoy the mayhem even without a contribution. Santa will be there, handing out the largesse. He knows who has been naughty and nice, but there is still time to shape up so you don't get the perennial petrified poop paperweight!
Michael Chavez (not Jim Easton) announced that we will be delivering Christmas Baskets on Saturday, December 18.  Meet in the parking lot of the Safeway (Yale and Monaco) at 8:00 a.m. This project usually takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Check with Michael (303-960-5304) if you would like to participate, but haven't signed up yet.
Report and Photos by Phil Perington
On Friday at Noon Optimists, Craig Eley (Santa Claus), Treasurer Pat Bush, Event Coordinator Steve Kady and Photographer Phil Perington joined forces with Engine 22 Firefighters, King Soopers, Target and volunteers to kick off the Channel 4 Toy Drive. It was a well-organized and energetic gathering that provided excellent proof of how a community can get together to help kids have a joyous and happy Christmas season. The live feed from Channel 4 was then repeated on the early evening and late news. Monaco South was well presented by Santa and benefitted greatly. It was a very memorable day! Thanks to Steve Kady for spearheading this event!
Santa and Fire Fighters             Santa & Channel 4                      Santa
Pat Bush, Steve Kady, Santa                                    Steve Kady & Channel 4 Crew
Tree lot manager Tom Kramis announced that we sold around 270 trees last weekend and that we have sold around 800 to-date. He also explained the proper use of oil in the chain saw and begged for more help at the lot.  Remember, this is the major fund raiser for our club.  Without it we can't help as many kids.
Tom Hoch said that he had checked at Lowe's and that our prices are not out of line considering the quality of the trees.  Tom Kramis submitted that, while all of MSOC trees are premium, many other vendors are selling "seconds".
shallow focus photography of dwarf figurine
Tom also recognized two "elves of the week", for dedication to the work at the tree lot during the past week.  The two receiving a Starbuck's gift card were Ken Jeung and Greg Holt. Congratulations!

Tom also recognized a worker who, although not a member of our club has shown up almost every day during the past week. Tamara Kirch is a member of Tamarac Optimist Club has done a great job and is and seems to never take a break.  Thanks to Tamara for her support.
Dads of Castle Rock DoCR
DoCR is an acronym for Dads of Castle Rock. DoCR is a Facebook group for Dads in Castle Rock created by Sean Hakes and Robert Zearing as kind of a joke. Little did they know, DoCR would become one of the most recognized brands in Castle Rock dedicated to supporting the local community, through dedicated and devoted dads.

Shortly after forming the group, Zearing and other members of DoCR created Dads of Castle Rock Community Outreach, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization designed to support various causes in Castle Rock. Today, DoCR has around 1,200 members.

Everything that happens with the Dads of Castle Rock, from small projects to full blown fundraisers and events must start somewhere. An average DoCR sanctioned event takes anywhere from two to eight months to plan, coordinate, put in motion, and execute. Multiple meetings with different internal committees are required to ensure these events are successful.

The DoCR life skills program teaches life skills, such as basic auto maintenance, how to write a check, constructions skills and much more to youth from 8-18 years.

They sponsor a variety of events in Castle Rock, including a golf tournament, a barbeque, lemonade stands.  They also have a "Benevolence Program" which gives $2500 grants to needy families. For more information check out their web page at or see their FaceBook page at

Thanks to Larry Pulaski (who lives in Castle Rock) for inviting Robert to share this valuable information with our members.

Of course we have a drawing, but for only $20, since Mark Metevia took the money($110) and ran last week. The card to draw was three of spades but, alas and alack nobody won the "big money", so join us next week, when $30 is up for grabs. 
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