The Brain Bowl is similar to the old GE College Bowl TV show (for those too young to remember, think Jeopardy with teams), but for middle school kids. Three competitions go on at the same time: one for 6th grade, one for 7th grade, and one for 8th grade. Teams take a written test and engage in verbal rounds against other teams which test their general knowledge. The teams surviving the preliminary rounds of competition then face head-to-head single elimination in verbal competition rounds until the championship matches at each grade level.
In January and February, the Brain Bowl hosts over 160 competing teams in three tournaments located in Boulder, Denver/Aurora, and Colorado Springs. Teams come from all around the state, and the assistance of 30 other Optimist Clubs throughout the Colorado-Wyoming District is necessary in order to put on the event. This event will be holding a "Super Bowl Championship" tournament in March. Go to to learn more.
When: 3 Tournaments: January in Boulder and February in Denver and Colorado Springs, with a Championship Final
Who: Karl Geil
More InfoBrain Bowl Website