The Christmas Baskets and Gifts Project is an offshoot of the Thanksgiving Basket Project which was started in the 1980's. This project was expanded in the 1990's to include furnishing fixings for a full Christmas Dinner and usually some toys to needy families with children in the elementary schools where we sponsor Super Citizen Programs.
The Committee Chairman for Monaco South starts a sign-up sheet about a month before the event (which is always the Saturday before Christmas). The Chairman makes arrangements with various food sources for the essential ingredients of a Christmas Dinner. The Club pays for these items, but we try to get grocery stores to give us a discount price on the food and foil pans that we buy.
Early in the morning on the Saturday that we deliver the food baskets, several members of the club will meet to pick up the food and take it to the designated spot for assembling the food boxes for each family. At a designated time, the rest of the members who have signed up to work this project will meet at the assembly area and box up the food for delivery.
The Christmas Gifts, for the children of six families in each school, are purchased by Monaco South with budgeted funds and by other benefactors. The Social Services representative at the schools gives us a list of the names, gender, and ages of each child. Club members will then deliver the food baskets and gifts to the designated families.
The total time of assembling and delivering the food baskets and gifts is about 2 hours.
When: Saturday before Christmas, 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Where: Legion hall
Who: Michael Chavez